So you fight like cats and dogs and she really knows how to push your buttons, but having an older sister has its advantages.


1. She has the power

She knows exactly what to do to cheer you up. She’s been practising for years. How else would she be able to stop you crying when you were little so that she wouldn’t get in trouble?

2. She’s a groundbreaker

She paved the way. You didn’t have to have those fights with your parents about curfews or clothes, she did that all for you. All you had to do was just follow in her footsteps.

3. She’s generous with her stuff

She shares things with you. Initially your parents made her, but now she does it because she wants to.

4. She’s your support network

She is always there for you. Always. She has to be, that’s her job.

5. She’s the best

You love hanging out with her. It’s a bit like hanging out with yourself, but you’re not alone. There are no weird silences or awkward moments.

older sister and younger sister on holiday

6. She was your passport to the world

You were allowed out alone with her first. She’s responsible after all.

7. She doesn’t beat around the bush

She tells you the truth. If that dress looks less than great on you, or your new haircut is weird, you can trust her to let you know even if no one else will.

8. She’s all knowing

She understands you better than you understand yourself.  This can be annoying, but ultimately it’s useful to have your own views pointed out to you when you’ve lost your way.

9. She makes the mistakes for you

Following in her footsteps you can learn from her mistakes. You found out what to do, and what not to do, without ever having to take the fall yourself.

10. She’s a present savant

She gets you presents you didn’t even know you wanted, but absolutely can’t live without.

reasons to love having a big sister

11. She’s a sister tamer

She knows how to deal with you when you’re having a hissy fit. She’s had to deal with them from the beginning, so she’s had a lot of practice!

12. She’s a joker

She makes you laugh, a lot. Your shared comedy might be lost on others, but she frequently makes you cry with laughter.

13. She’s a wardrobe sharer

She gives you those clothes of hers that you really, really want just because she’s being nice.

14. She’s a calming influence

She’s the first person you call if you’re having a breakdown. Even if it’s just because you can’t find anything to wear, she’ll always be able to sort you out.

15. She’s your holiday buddy

She’s the perfect holiday companion. You agree on what to do and where to go almost all of the time.

younger and older sister on holiday

16. She doesn’t judge you

Sure she’ll tell you, sometimes loudly, if she doesn’t agree with you, but she’ll never hold it against you.

18. She showed you the ropes

She knows all of the best places. Of course she does, she’s had a head-start all along.

19. She’s in your corner

She’s always fighting for you, unless the fight is with her of course! You both have an ally for life.

20. She’s telepathic

You can communicate without words. It baffles the hell out of everyone around you, and you love it.

21. She’s your best friend

You were born with a best friend for life. No amount of arguments will ever change that.


Next time you have a blazing row with your older sister, remember why you’re so lucky to have her!