As if you needed an excuse!

1. It’ll make you look younger

Yes ladies, having sex increases blood circulation and releases anti-ageing hormones, making your skin glow, preventing dryness, clearing acne and warding off wrinkles.

Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger (but this doesn’t apply if you’re 20!)

2. It’ll de-stress you

It’s much more fun that practising deep breathing exercises, and together with hugs, regular sex can improve your blood pressure.

3. It’s a great form of exercise

If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes (rather than in total), you’ll burn the equivalent of jogging 75 miles!

4. It’s good for you!

Regular sex helps fight colds and flu, it can improve your menstrual cycle and helps maintain strong bladder and bowel functions.

5. …and it’s good for him, too

image of banana on a woman's bare back


Regular ejaculation reduces his chances of developing prostate cancer and impotence, and his semen will also stay healthier as it’s replenished more often.

6. It builds trust and intimacy

The hormone oxtocyin builds trust and brings couples closer. If you’re in a committed relationship he’s less likely to stray.

7. You’ll get stronger pelvic muscles

Exercising pelvic muscles strengthens quads, your core and the upper back. Every little helps…

8. It’ll help you sleep

Depending on your level of activity, you’ll use energy, be relaxed…and sleep well….z.z.z.z.z…

9. It makes you happy!

image of exstatic woman


Sex makes people happier than money does.

10. Keeps a high libido

It’s a virtuous circle – the more sex you have, the more you want it!

11. Helps increase flexibility

Both oestrogen and testosterone provide protection against osteoporosis and different sex positions can help your flexibility without you even noticing it.

 12. It feels good

…most of the time!

 13. It’s fun and exciting

…most of the time!

 14. It’s free!


 15. It fights off a headache

The most widely used excuse for NOT having sex has been proved otherwise. Sex can help shift that headache!


So now you really do have NO excuse! For even more amazing reasons to have sex, take a look at BookYourLifestyle!