Welcome to the best decade ever! Yup, life begins at the big 4-oh-yes-here-we-go! Here's why you should love being 40 something...


1. You’ve still (kinda, in a flattering light and the right undies) got the body, but now you know what to do with it. You’ve realised what you like and don’t like in bed and you’ve learnt the tricks to get what you want. Naughty 40s, say no more!

40something: man and woman doing acrobatics in bed


2. You’re treated like a grown-up at the doctor’s surgery/parents’ evening/that posh shop or restaurant you never used to dare go in…  BUT, after a glass of vino too many, you can still act up and get away with blue murder!

3. You can proudly say you were alive when England won the World Cup,  the UK went decimal and man first walked on the moon.

4. You feel entitled to tell off teenage boys for putting their feet on the seats on trains. Ha!

40something: woman telling someone off


5. Some call it confidence, some say you just don’t care any more. But, oh, it’s such a relief.

6. You can finally admit to liking the music/films you really like – you don’t have to pretend to be cool.

7. You’ve learnt to say ‘no thanks’ without feeling guilty or making excuses.

8. You’ve discovered whisky. And wine without a screw-top. And cheese that’s not shrink-wrapped. And opera. And wood-burning stoves. And matching underwear…

40something: woman drinking whisky


9. You’ve got mates in their 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s, and you get on with them all.

10. Maybe you’ve got the house, the car, the kids. Maybe you haven’t. But either way, you’ve stopped fretting about it.

11. You can finally laugh at 20 something you (and pass a wry little smile when you see the latest round of 20 somethings doing all the same stuff you did, just in skinny jeans with rips at the knees).

40something: ripped jeans with smiley face drawn on knee



What’s been the best moment of your 40s so far..?