Nobody wants to be an old Scrooge, but there are a few things about Christmas that rub us up the wrong way. Here are some of the main offenders...


1. People who insist on telling you how many weeks there are to go, especially when it’s only June. Even worse, they share it with everyone they know on Facebook!

2. Seeing Christmas cards in the shops in September. We know the Royal Mail can be slow, but that’s going a bit far.

3. The music. Let’s face it, there’s only a handful of Christmas hits, which are played non-stop everywhere you go for weeks on end. Most of them have been doing the rounds for at least 30 years – and how could you wish it could be Christmas every day?

4. Gift guides in magazines. Okay, so they look glam, but they’re really just a space-filler and has anyone ever bought a present from one of them?

5. The massive crowds in the shops and the endless queues for the tills, even though you just wanted a tin of cat food. As for finding a space to park the car, forget it!

Shopping crowds


6. All the pubs and restaurants are packed and if you want to eat, you’re stuck with an expensive ‘festive’ menu.

7. Trying to buy a birthday card for your friend who was born in December when they’ve all been removed from the shelves to make way for Christmas cards.

8. Spending money and time buying the perfect secret Santa for a colleague, then receiving something you’ve just seen in the 99p shop.

Bad gift


9. Getting Christmas cards from people you see every day. Why not just say ‘Happy Christmas’ in person and save a few trees?

10. Everyone in the supermarket acting like the shops will be closed for the next six months, rather than a day or two, and trying to stock up on more food than it’s humanly possible to eat.

11. All the repeats on TV. Last Christmas there were more than 650 hours of them.

12. The fact that it gets dark so early, there’s nothing else to do except watch those repeats.

13. That lame X-Factor winner going to number 1 in the charts.

Sad santa


14. Ordering presents online. It seems like such a great idea, until it’s Christmas Eve and they still haven’t arrived…

15. Christmas pudding, mince pies, Christmas cake – does anyone really like them?

16. Putting on the pounds from all that high-calorie festive eating and drinking.

Fat person


17. Then, as soon as you stop being annoyed and start to enjoy it, it’s all over in a day and you have to wait another year!


What annoys you about Christmas? Let us know…