If you went to primary school in the late 80s, you'll definitely remember some of these games...


1. Stuck In The Mud

Similar to that famous school game It, but if you got caught by the chaser, you had to stand on the spot with your feet and arms out until someone freed you by crawling or running under said limbs. And the more chasers there were, the harder it was to get unstuck!

2. Kiss Chase

One of the easiest games to play, this one! It mostly involved the girls chasing the boys, while disturbing their football game, and planting a big smacker on them if they were caught. The chase was rarely reciprocated…



3. Duck, Duck, Goose

You all sat in a circle while one player walked around tapping each player on the head while simultaneously saying ‘duck’, then shouting ‘goose’ for one player. The goose then chased the tapper around the circle, to try and catch them before they reached the gap in the circle. Wasn’t it disappointing not to be tagged as the goose?

 4. Forty, Forty

This was a slightly more grown-up version of Hide ‘n’ Seek – one person counted to forty with their eyes closed, while everyone else hid. The aim of the game was to get back to base without being seen by the seeker, and shouting ‘Forty, forty’ at the top of your lungs if you made it.



5. It!

All your mates ran around in the playground while you chased the slowest one and calling ‘You’re it!’ when you tapped them. Quite simply, if you got tagged by the tagger, you were it!

6. British Bulldog

If this wasn’t banned in your school, then you weren’t playing it properly! One player was named as the bulldog, and stood in the centre of the playground, while all the other players stood at one end. To win the game, you had to run from one end to the other without being caught by the bulldog. If you were caught, you then became a bulldog, too. There were some pretty vicious bulldogs in our school…



7. What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

One child was chosen to be Mr Wolf and stood facing a wall. Then everyone else screamed, ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’ If Mr Wolf called one o’clock, everyone took one step. If he called ten o’clock, everyone took 10 steps, and so on. But if he called ‘Dinner time!’, he’d suddenly turn and chase the players back to their starting point. If Mr Wolf tagged someone, that player than became the new Mr Wolf. Everyone wanted to be Mr Wolf!

8. Wink Murder

You all sat in a circle and one player was secretly assigned to be the ‘murderer’, who killed other players simply by making eye contact and winking at them! The ‘dead’ player then had to feign sudden death in the most dramatic way possible. The objective of the game was to murder as many people as possible without being caught out by the chosen detective in the circle!




Can you think of any others? Tell us in the comments…