What the F*£$!!@! Yes, even the most ardent of professionals (and the odd member of the public) can have a minor blip on the telly or radio… All hail the potty mouths for their contributions!
(WARNING: not for easily-offended ears!)


We all get tongue-tied, especially under the pressure… But imagine doing it live on air..! It’s rare, but it happens…and – call us childish – when it does, it’s very very funny.

Check out our list of favourite slips, expletives and extreme profanities… And, no, The Sex Pistols didn’t even make the cut! (Yes, we said cut.)


1. Nicky Campbell, BBC Radio 5 Live

Nicky not only manages to swear, correct himself and apologise but then does it again later in the interview! Too early in the morning for getting your Kents mixed up!


2. John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 Live

Never far from controversy in recent years, John Inverdale drops himself in it again!


3. Steph McGovern, BBC Breakfast

Teessider Steph forgets her microphone is live! WTF was that!?


4. Jeremy Paxman, BBC Newsnight

Paxo doesn’t quite ‘cut’ it in this piece to camera.


5. Alex Deakin, BBC Weather

A sunny-side-up report from Alex Deakin, containing a bucket load of information!


6. Nick Clegg, TV Interview

The future generation given a lovely description! Well done Cleggy, you county man.


7. James Naughtie, BBC Radio 4 Today programme

Faux pas that turns into the giggles. Hold it together, man – the coughing doesn’t convince anyone!


8. Russell Brand, ITV This Morning

The usually erudite man has time for something from the gutter. Not the earlier bloody something… Wait – there’s worse to come. Smacked bottoms!


9. A very naughty boy! Five Star phone-in, BBC Going Live

A classic. Young Eliot makes his opinion known. A playground legend on Monday at school, presumably! Matt Bianco suffered a similar fate years earlier on Saturday Superstore.


10. AJ Clemente, NBC North Dakota News

How to make a great first impression, live on air for your new news station. Nervous, much?


Can you think of any other times celebs have been a little less than professional on TV? Let us know!