Pokemon Go is the latest craze in augmented reality, where the aim is for players to run around trying to capture, battle and train different Pokemon characters using their smartphones. Sounds fun? Unfortunately, there are always those who take things too far, including these people who've actually been arrested after getting too carried away in the game...


1. Borderline crazy

Canada US border


Two teenage Canadian brothers were so deeply engrossed in their game of Pokemon Go, they didn’t realise what they’d done until it was too late. The boys had illegally crossed the border into the USA, and were now in Montana. They were arrested by US Customs and Border Protection, and were briefly detained until their mother came to pick them up at a nearby border patrol station. Busted!

2. Caught out

Fingerprints handcuffs


The police in Milford, Michigan, couldn’t believe their luck when criminal William Wilcox wandered into the station clutching his smartphone. There was a warrant out for his arrest after he’d failed to turn up to court for sentencing for breaking and entering, so the police arrested him on the spot. But Wilcox didn’t mean to hand himself in – he’d been playing Pokemon, and the station had been listed as ‘gym’. Sadly, he didn’t get to finish his game!

3. Don’t stop me now

Ballast Point Park


David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude REALLY wanted to finish his Pokemon Go game, whatever the cost. He, along with around 150 others, had been caught trespassing late at night in Ballast Point Park. The park happens to be a well-known hotspot for capturing rare characters from the game. While the others sheepishly dispersed when the police arrived, David wasn’t going to give up on catching his Pokemon without a fight. In the end, officers had to use a taser on him, and he was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest.

4. Run, Romaine, run

Indonesia Pokemon

PA Photos

Frenchman Romaine Pierre was arrested after trespassing in a military base in Cirebon, Indonesia. After being detained and questioned, he was released without charge. It turned out he’d been out for a jog while hunting for Pokemon characters, and had accidentally ended up in the military complex. Although the game hasn’t been officially released in Indonesia yet, it’s already being played there – cabinet secretary Pramono Agung has admitted to having captured a few Pokemon at Jakarta’s presidential palace.

5. Pokemon punches

Singapore City Traffic


There have been a few incidences of people putting themselves in danger while engrossed in augmented reality. In Singapore, this led to an arrest, after a pedestrian wandered into the road while playing the game. A car driver sounded his horn at the man, and an argument ensued, followed by fisticuffs. Both men were arrested at the scene, and have been charged with affray. Still, for the pedestrian, it could’ve been worse!

6. Too far…

Pokemon Go

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Two parents in San Tan Valley, Arizona, definitely took their Pokemon Go obsession too far. They decided to go on a night-time Pokemon hunt, leaving their 2-year-old son home alone. Police found the tot screaming outside the family’s home at around 10.30pm at night, wearing just a t-shirt and a nappy and with no water, despite the 30-degree heat. The parents had apparently left the little boy alone for around 90 minutes, and have been charged with child endangerment and neglect.

7. Tragedy

Driving using phone

One man in Japan was so addicted to his game, he decided to carry on playing while driving his truck in Tokushima in August. Sadly, he didn’t see two ladies crossing the road ahead of him, and he hit them, killing one and severely injuring the other. The driver was arrested and charged with negligent driving, which he admitted to, saying he ‘wasn’t looking ahead properly because I was playing Pokémon GO’.