The excitement soon turns to the nightmare of the undelivered...and the words 'sent back to the depot', or worse, finding your item days later in the bin!


1. Up on the roof

Ahhh, the dreaded delivery note. ‘Sorry parcel top of your roof!’ WTF!

I hope the customer wasn’t charged for delivery, it should really be on the house! And the delivery driver should be slated!


2. Error 104!

Finding your expensive laptop purchase has been sneaked under the plastic bin used for recycling… Someone will be getting a reboot for that.

3. In a flap

Coming home to find a damp parcel half hanging out of the forced open magnetic catflap. That is what they were designed for, right?

4. Bin and gone

The story of a lady who found her wedding dress in amongst the recycling bin of garden cuts! Raise your grasses to the bride and groom!

5. The dog kennel

‘Move to one side Fido, I need to put this parcel marked ‘fragile’ somewhere at this address…’

‘Woof woof!’

‘What’s that? You don’t take anything unless it’s easily chewed up and destroyed…or food!’

Also see rabbit hutch!

6. The drive and throw by

Couldn’t be bothered to stop, so aimed it in the direction of the porch! Lazy!


7. A skip

Yes. you read that right, an iron skip! One man’s junk is another man’s undelivered Amazon order of 6 books!

8. A tall order

Sorry couldn’t be delivered, so I wedged (flung) it up your front garden tree…

See under garden bush for lazy option number two, definitely hedging their bets!

9. The garden

The story of a garden centre delivery of some plants, is it acceptable to just throw them into the garden? Who knows perhaps they’ll plant themselves!?

10. Window of opportunity!

The case of seeing an open window at a property and going for it… That’s got to be a first class service!

11. Bin there

When a delivery note is scribbled as ‘beside bins’… Only for you to eventually find the parcel was discovered behind a neighbour’s bin a few houses away! Sometimes, it seems, any bin will do.

12. Almost delivered

Parcels are often being discovered in a wheelie bin. But what if  the parcel wasn’t even for that address, or anyone on the street for that matter… So long as they got the town right, eh!


Just hope to God your parcels aren’t delivered like this!