Ah, the faux pas of the office tea round… It goes way beyond the age-old dilemma of whether you put the milk in first or after. The tea round is littered with possible sins. Recognise these in your workplace..?


1. ‘Just a water’

This is a tea round, it ain’t called a tea round for nothing.

2. Pissy tea

The tea bag needs to be in the pot or mug, it’s not sufficient for it to be just in the same room.



3. ‘Put hairs on your chest’

Then again, I don’t want my tea so a spoon will stand in it of it’s own accord, surrounded by a brown scum from an over-brewed cup of sludge. No thanks.

4. The bag eker outer

One bag, one cup. Trying to reuse an old bag for a second or third mug just isn’t going to brew a proper cuppa.



5. The forgotten tea bag

This tea is getting progressively stronger as you drink…ugh, what’s that lurking in the bottom of the mug?

6. The fuss ass

‘Can you rinse my tea bag before placing in the mug and make sure it’s brewed for 33 seconds, with two thirds a spoon of sugar and a dash of goats’ milk..?’



7. Out of sync

A few moments after someone returns from the kitchen with a tray full of mugs, there’s a cry, ‘Anyone fancy a cuppa?’ Then they stand up with a self-satisfied grin… ‘Oh, just me then.’

8. The cup’s half-empty

Is there a water shortage or could you not be bothered to refill the kettle?


Mark Atkinson

9. There’s no milk left

Disaster strikes – the white stuff has run out! Who’s turn is it to go to the shop?

10. Herbal brew

Too many questions… Should the tea bag be left in or taken out? How strong do they like it? Bag in or bag out?  What exactly does a strong raspberry leaf and liquorice look like? I have no frame of reference here.



11. Dirty mugs

A rinsed cup is not a clean cup. I can see the previous tea tide marks on the inside and lipstick on the rim. Yuk!

12. End-of-the-day mugs

All the decent mugs are stacked in the dishwasher, so you’re left with a choice of the tiniest tea cup or the oversized Sports Direct mug.

Put the kettle on…  Milk, 1 sugar, please.