We've heard some odd excuses in our time! But these criminals were definitely testing the credulity of the police when they were caught...


1. Why the long face..?

You know the one about a horse going into a bar..? Well, an inebriated woman in South Carolina stole a nag and was soon stopped because they were progressing so erratically down the middle of the main road. When challenged, she claimed it was all the horse’s fault, as she was sober and the mare was drunk!

2. Show off!

Odd excuses come in all varieties. One man definitely had one on hand when he dared to bare.. He was arrested for exposing himself to women by a main road in Florida. When stopped by the police, he explained that he used to be a sexy stripper and missed the attention he got from admiring fans!

3. Shocking!

Schooldays they’ll never forget… A teacher in Illinois was prosecuted for disciplining kids with electric shocks from an electricity generator. In his defence, he argued that the punishment also taught pupils how a motor generates a charge!

4. Wild thing!

Well, they weren’t expecting that! During a routine traffic stop, a Florida man was caught with 93 snakes, 67 tarantulas and dozens of lizards in the boot of his car. He claimed they were all just pets!

5. In black and white!

A man in VIrginia was convicted of shooting his mother-in-law. When asked why he did it, he said he ‘mistook her for a large racoon’!

6. Ruff justice!

We’ve heard of that old ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse, but this man took it to new heights. When fined for not having a TV licence, he told the authorities that it was his dog’s TV. So, instead of fining him, they should ask the dog to pay!

Dog on a red couch with a TV remote control


7. Cat burglar!

In Milton Keynes, a man investigating noises in the night found a burglar wedged in the cat flap. The thief claimed he was looking for his lost moggy!

8. Dead good time!

A man in Denmark stole his dead dad’s corpse from the mortuary, dressed him in biker leathers and shades and tied him to the back of his Harley-Davidson. He bought his dad beers and put lit cigars in his mouth in the bars they visited. He later explained his dad had always been partial to a smoke and a drink!

9. Howling!

Now this is a wild excuse… A man in Ohio went on a bit of a fighting spree after drinking vodka. When questioned, he explained that he’d been scratched by a wolf in Germany and now went on the attack whenever the moon was out!

10. Red-faced?

A man in Walsall was caught with a known prostitute in his car after drawing out money from an ATM. When he was questioned by the police, he told them the money was to buy tomatoes and the woman of the night was simply going to show him where to buy the best ones…

11. Bad kitty!

Finally, a man from Florida was found to have dodgy images on his computer but claimed it was all down to his cat, which was always jumping on the keyboard and downloading things to his hard disc while he was out!


Which of these odd excuses for crimes made you laugh out loud?