Other passengers driving you nuts with their irritating habits on public transport?
Well, here’s a few of our pet hates!


1. Two seats for the price of one?

Men who sit with their legs wide open, taking up half your seat.
Come on, guys, you’re not THAT well endowed that you can’t close your legs a little, are you? The same with people who cross their legs. Trains are built for pixies these days, so keep to your own space, please!

2. i-Pad viewers

People who watch films on their i-Pads with the volume turned up loud and tinny (somehow films seem to be louder than music).
It’s like sitting on a plane without having your own headphones.

3. Can you hear me???

Talking loudly on the phone or to each other.
We really don’t want to hear your latest drama, be it the break-up with your man or the intricate plans of your best friend’s wedding – which is more often than not laced with ‘know what I mean’ (x10) and ‘I’m like, then she’s like’ (x22)…

4. Big foot

Folk who put their feet up on the seats.
It’s dirty, it’s rude and it’s a little bit confrontational in our book. If you really must, then at least put a newspaper down first!

5. Litterbug-ers

Most trains have bins, and they’re not that hard to find.
We don’t want to sit on an empty burger carton or risk getting your half-empty cup of latte all over our new, red-suede Jimmy Choos, thank you very much!

6. Foodies

While we’re on the subject of food, another no-no is consuming burgers, pasties, chicken nuggets and other stinky food on the train.
OK, if it’s on the ‘vomit comet’ at half past midnight on a Friday night, then possibly all is forgiven – let’s face it, we’ve all done it, but at 7pm on a Tuesday? Come on, the train journey isn’t THAT long…

7. Health hazard

Coughing/yawning without putting your hand over your mouth.
We don’t want to see your tonsils and smell your garlicky, boozy breath, thank you very much!

8. Stop that, right now!!!

Sniffing. Enough said. BUY. SOME. TISSUES. Then blow!

9. Get closer!

And last, but not least, those (usually men, actually) who board the train in pairs or more and – rather than sitting together or opposite each other – sit diagonally and shout across the aisle!
Details of last night’s football match/your latest DIY project/your kids’ school fees, at an extreme decibel level, are excruciatingly annoying on what should be a nice, quiet, relaxing trip.
Thank you and enjoy your journey!


Have you experienced any of these on the train? Let us know below!