Here are a few things that would’ve totally confused everyone back in the 1990s...


1. ‘Has anyone got a selfie stick?’

girls with selfie stick


2. ‘So what do you think about Brexit?’

3. ‘Let’s Google it…’

4. ‘I’ll Skype you.’

5. ‘You are a total omnishambles, that’s what you are!’

6. ‘What’s your Twitter handle?’

7. ‘I’ll have a double ristretto venti half-soy non-fat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double-shot gingerbread frappuccino, extra hot with foam whipped cream double blended, one sweet ‘n low and one NutraSweet, and ice.’

creamy coffee


8. ‘I’ve already read that on my Kindle.’

9. ‘That is some full-on bromance.’

10. ‘I wish I wasn’t so addicted to Angry Birds.’

11. ‘Right swipe him! Right swipe him!’

Tinder on phone


12. ‘Wanna watch Netflix and chill?’

13. ‘Can I pay by contactless?’

14. ‘It cost me £6 for a glass of wine!’

15. ‘Do you allow vaping in here?’

woman vaping


16. ‘My information is all stored in the cloud.’

17. ‘I’ll ping you an email.’

18. ‘How many Instagram followers have you got?’

19. ‘I watched it on YouTube.’

20. ‘I wish he’d stop trolling me.’

internet troll


21. ‘I’ve found myself an Airbnb for the weekend.’

22. ‘They’re in a civil partnership.’

23. ‘So where’s the nearest Boris bike station?’

24. ‘My Fitbit says I’ve slept for six hours and done 10,000 steps today.’

25. ‘I can’t imagine life without my NutriBullet.’

26. ‘There’s the Queen with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.’


Do you have any more to add? Let us know!