The tangles, the tantrums, the tears… having naturally curly hair can feel like a real curse. People might say they envy curly locks, but we know the truth behind the ringlets!


1. Wet and windy weather is the enemy

woman with curly hair


No woman likes getting caught in the rain. But when you’ve got a wild mass of curls to contend with, it can feel like the end of the world. People just don’t realise how long it takes us to blow dry and straighten. Damn you rain!

2. We worry about managing our hair on holiday

Naturally curly locks hate humidity. And no amount of blowdrying and straightening is going to keep our barnet at bay. As much as we enjoy a holiday abroad, we spend more time worrying about how much our hair is expanding by the second, than actually having a good time.

3. When women with naturally straight hair compliment us

When women tell us that they wish they had our hair, we have to stop ourselves from screaming, ‘You lie!’ Straight haired ladies, you don’t know how easy you’ve got it.

4. Styling our hair with tongs takes twice the effort

If we want to curl our hair with curling irons, or rollers, we have to blowdry and straighten it first. Otherwise, the result is somewhat of a tangled bird’s nest.



5. When we overdo it with serum or mousse

Those days when we just can’t get our hair to go the way we want it, we panic. And apply serum. Then panic some more. And apply more serum. Then we really start freaking out. So we apply mousse. We may even reach for hair gel or wax if we’re really desperate. And before we know it, we look like a greasy, wet poodle.

6. We’ve had the same hairdresser for years

When we find someone who can tame our unruly tresses, of course we are never going to part ways. We find a hairdresser and we stick to them. We wouldn’t dream of letting someone new loose on our locks.

7. Frizz, frizz, and more frizz

Nobody knows frizz like we do. And if there’s a product on the market claiming to get rid of it, chances are we’ve tried it.

woman with curly hair


8. We never change our hairstyle, EVER

When we finally find a hairstyle that works, we’re reluctant to change it. We may tie it up, to mix things up a bit. But that is as far as we go. With hair as unpredictable as ours, there’s no time to be adventurous.

9. Celebrities with immaculate curly hair annoy us

No ‘naturally’ curly hair looks as beautiful as the sleek curls and waves that celebrities have. Us natural curlies, know the truth. To achieve that ‘ I just woke up like this,’ look, it takes hours of prep and styling.

10. Dry shampoo is a godsend

Sounds gross, but if we can get away with not washing our hair, we will. The time and effort we have to put into styling, is enough to put anyone off. Thank heavens for dry shampoo.



11. You will always find an umbrella in our handbag

Even on the hottest day of the year. We never, EVER, leave the house without one. If you read point 1, you will understand our fear.

12. When elderly people compliment our hair

We all love a compliment. But when our grannies tell us, ‘in my day women paid a fortune to have hair like you,’ we can’t help but cringe with embarrassment. Brilliant. We have old-fashioned hair. Thanks Gran!

13. One side always looks curlier than the other

We don’t know how it happens but it does. One side will always look better than the other.

woman with half straight half curly hair