They can make even the bravest quake in fear. So when a spider unwelcomely appears in our house, we simply cannot leave them. With their long legs and ability to scurry quickly and unexpectedly, catching them and taking them outside can be one of life's trickiest and most-terrifying tasks. You might think you've dealt with some bigguns in the past - but wait til you watch these clips... If you have a phobia or are seriously uneasy about the 8-legged critters, then you may want to look away now…


1. Big spider attacks Daddy by leokimvideo

This video comes with a warning! This brave Dad seemed confident he knew what he was doing when he went to catch this giant huntsman spider.  Terrifyingly for both him and his daughter (and the spider, probably), it didn’t quite go to plan…

2. Would you catch this huge spider by totalstrikegently

You think you’ve had a big spider in your house? This household will have almost definitely beaten it!  There is talk this video is fake but it’s still too terrifying not to be in the list. After all, spiders this size DO exist! Count yourselves lucky we don’t have to face too many crazy ones in the UK.

3. He heard my prayers – giant wolf spider captured miraculously, praise be! by fezbeast

This guy attempts to capture a wolf spider in his bathroom. It may not be quite up to the huntsman- size spider, but it certainly can scurry way too fast for out liking! We thought he’d never catch it. Here are his several failed attempts!

4. How to catch a huntsman spider! by Adam Baker

Another giant huntsman spider causing havoc in Australia! Adam Baker may have succeeded in the end, but there are far too many terrifying moments of failure for us to handle.  He writes, ‘I would normally just leave them, however it was not good for my nerves to see this monster every time I visited the toilet/bathroom. I didn’t want to hurt/kill it, so in this video you will see me trying slightly different approaches, until I decide to get inventive with a Toblerone to help make the catch.’ If swearing offends you, best to turn down the sound for this one….

5. The best spider scream fail by nedandjedd Mcdonald

This guy might be the worst person ever. It was a tense few minutes as he carefully removes the spider from the ceiling using a bucket, but decided in the end to prank his cousin!  Luckily, the spider remains firmly in the bucket. ‘The funniest scream of sheer horror as I flick a massive spider towards my cousin. He was totally owned by this spider.’ I think we’d react the same, too!