The following TV commercials drive us mad they’re so annoying! See if these get on your nerves as much as they do ours…


1. Fairy Liquid

The little boy who whinges to his parents the washing-up liquid is lasting too long, and he wants to make a spaceship out of the bottle. Find something else to use. When he does finally make a rocket, sorry, kid, but we think it’s rubbish!

2. Seven Seas

A woman, who obviously loves herself, is styling a much younger girl suggests she wear the same outfit and they ‘could be twins’. No, you couldn’t, you don’t look anything alike, and you’re nowhere near the same age!

3. Covonia

Coughing and yelling, not things we enjoy witnessing. But we’re subjected to both in this strange scenario. A man coughs, sees a Covonia poster, then a bull turns up and he rides off on the bull crying, ‘Covonia’ at the top of his voice, and all without even drinking any of the cough mixture.

4. Weetabix On The Go

This cocky wide boy gets up at the last minute for work and asks us, the viewer, ‘Who has time in the morning?’ He then base-jumps from building to building downing his Weetbix On The Go High Protein Drink, and ends up at his meeting on the dot of nine!

5. Nutrisse

Holly Willoughby is talking about the joys of the new hair colour she’s using, when Davina McCall pops up and says, accusingly, ‘Hey, that’s my line.’ Then the pair of them get over-excited about hair creme.

6. Moonpig

A woman talks us through all the occasions she needs cards for in the coming year, including somebody’s 40th, for which she gasps slightly. But this ad was shown in 2016, and then again this year, so there’s no way the same mate is having another 40th!!

7. Kinder Chocolate

A cartoon kid dressed up as a doctor administers first aid to his ailing teddy, then tells his mum in a pathetic voice his teddy can’t have chocolate. She then produces a Kinder bar we’re informed is ‘Invented for kids and approved by mums’.

8. Flora Freedom

In another animated commercial, a girl is using Flora Freedom, a dairy-free spread suitable for vegans. When her dad has a bite of her toast and announces ‘It’s delicious!’ she grabs it back saying, ‘…and all mine!’ How selfish, and hardly displaying a message of freedom!

9. Andrex

The loo-roll makers asked people how they felt after using Andrex. The reactions they get from children is a bit stupid, with one boy saying he, ‘Felt as clean as a squid’. Bring back the Labrador puppies!

10. L’Oréal Magic Retouch

We can’t believe Eva Longoria signed up for this cheesy nonsense! She has an unexpected hot date and her grey roots are showing, so she needs a quick touch-up (no pun intended!). It’s cringeworthy…

11. Comfort Intense

Talking of romance, in this ad, a group of clothes are chatting about a first date. The explanation for how the garments are able to gab away to each other is, New Comfort Intense brings your clothes to life. We find the upside-down shorts particularly annoying!

12. Febreze

Sticking with aromas, but here we’re asked to imagine a far-less-fragrant scenario with a man who’s ‘gone noseblind’so no longer notices the unpleasant whiffs surrounding him. We witness a large, slobbery dog jumping over furniture and a giant burger sitting in a chair. Neither of which we’d tolerate if we were sharing his home!

13. Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets

A strange little boy seems to finds joy in discovering leftover food stuck on a dish when it comes out of the dishwasher. Next time, with a change of brand, the lad, despite using his magnifying glass, can find no residue in evidence and finds this boring. Not as boring as him!

14. V.I.Poo

This is more astonishing than annoying, but we had to share it! We see a lovely young lady using the loo for a number two (yes, really), but luckily for those following her into the cubicle, she’s used the V.I.Poo which is an odour neutraliser ,so she’s left the bog smelling far more fragrant than before she used it. Phew…

15. Pukka Pies

A smug-looking woman is enjoying her pie, and despite several family members coming to her with potentially earth-shattering news, she continues chomping on her meat-filled pastry. It isn’t just her smugness we dislike, but also the close-up of food being eaten, and her odd expressions and voice. The message is, ‘Everything’s pukka’, well not with us it isn’t!

What ads irritate you? Let us know below…