There's no doubt about it, people LOVE Disney. So much so that they're not satisfied with the stories told in the films themselves, they look for clues about what else might be going on... Here are our favourite Disney fan theories, ever!


1. Andy’s mum once owned Jessie

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Disney Pixar

When Jessie the cowgirl turns up in Toy Story 2, we watch her back-story, and see her first owner grow up and abandon Jessie at a donation truck. But internet rumours reckon that Jessie’s first owner grew up to be Andy’s mum! How else can you explain why Andy is wearing Jessie’s hat, not Woody’s, at the beginning of the original film, before he ever plays with her?

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Disney Pixar

The very same hat seen here, on Jessie’s first owner’s bed in the flashback…

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Disney Pixar


2. Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother

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As all Frozen fans know, Anna and Elsa’s parents were killed in a sea voyage. But what if they didn’t actually die? Some fans have speculated that the King and Queen of Arendelle in fact survived the storm and were shipwrecked on a jungle island… where they had a son… called Tarzan! Could be true? If it is, does that mean Tarzan is the rightful heir to the throne of Arendelle? If he plans to return reclaim his crown, he better wear more than a loincloth… brr!


3. Aladdin is set in the future

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There’s no electricity in Agrabah, and people get around on camels and elephants (and magic carpets) so you’d think it was set in the long distant past, right? Then how come the Genie, after 10,000 years in his lamp can do impressions of 20th century celebs like Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger? They haven’t even been born! This fact lead to speculation that Aladdin is set in a post apocalyptic future. However…


4. Belle’s favourite book is Aladdin

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Turning that last theory on its head is this one. Aladdin has to be set in the past because Belle is reading about him  – and Beauty and the Beast can’t be set any later than the 19th century. Belle dreamily describes her favourite book as featuring ‘Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise.’ Sounds like the tale of one Prince Ali (fabulous he) to us!


5. Jane is Belle’s granddaughter

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Speaking of Belle, there’s speculation that Jane from Tarzan is her descendant, possibly her granddaughter. What’s the evidence? Well as well as the fact they share a penchant for frilly yellow frocks and, erm, uncouth men, the presence of this tea set on the island is proof enough for us. (Mrs Potts, Chip… is that you? Where in earth is Lumiere?!)

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6. Carl dies at the beginning of Up

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As if Up wasn’t sad enough, this theory supposes that Carl is dead for pretty much the whole blooming film! After being told that he has to leave his beloved house, Carl passes away in his sleep, and all of the magical elements we see in the rest of the film (floating  houses, chatty dogs) are happening his journey to the afterlife.  And Russell arrives as his guardian angel, to help him get there safely. Waaaaahhhh!