They're the voices that make our knees go weak and our knicker elastic loosen. Forget squeaky old David Beckham, these are what super sexy men sound like!


1. Tom Hiddleston

Watch and drool as man of the moment Tom Hiddleston manages to make Einstein’s Theory of Relativity sound soooo damned sexy! We defy you to sit through this without getting a little bit, ahem, giggly!

2. Sean Connery

Giving Mr Hiddleston a serious run for his money in the shexy voish shtakes is the man who, for many, remains the ultimate Bond, Sean Connery. Do we think your voice is sexy? Hell yesh!

3. Liam Neeson

Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Liam Neeson’s Northern Irish brogue has been driving cinema goers wild with lust for years now. Proof it’s not just the Southern Irish that have the gift of the gab!

4. Aidan Turner

And talking of the Southern Irish, did you know hunky Poldark star Aidan Turner is actually from Dublin? He may speak all lah-di-dah in his role as Poldark, but we think his real voice is even sexier!!

5. Morgan Freeman

Ask anyone to name an actor with a gorgeous voice and chances are Morgan Freeman’s name will be mentioned. Warm, seductive and so soothing, it’s like the vocal version of a long, lingering kiss. Watch how he manages to make even Justin Bieber sound profound!

6. Chris Hemsworth

He’s gorgeous, he’s Aussie, and yes, yes, yes, he can make reading out of a telephone directory sound sexy!

7. Alan Rickman

We were devastated when Alan Rickman passed away earlier in the year. No one mastered a voice that could sound simultaneously menacing and knicker-droppingly sexy at the same time like Alan did!

8. James Earl Jones

Better known as the voice behind Darth Vader. James, we definitely can feel your force!

9. Theo James

Oh Theo! Not only are you blessed with the kind of good looks that make ovaries twitch at 20 paces, you also have a voice that rumbles like a sex volcano! As for the Batman voice he does in the following clip? *Faints*

10. Antonio Banderas

Here Spanish saucepot Antonio Banderas puts his sexy vocals to the test to prove he too can make pretty much anything sound muy, muy, attractivo! Oh what we’d give for a clack of his castanets!

11. James Mason

James Mason without doubt had the sexiest voice of Hollywood’s golden era. Born in Huddersfield he had a voice that combined the purring arrogance of an extremely wealthy upbringing with the seductive warmth of a West Yorkshire accent. Frankly, he could be selling us a pound of spuds and we’d want to drag him upstairs for a feel of his taters!