Living with a snorer has its problems. Sometimes it's amazing you manage to get any sleep at all!


1. Silence is amazing

You took peace and quiet for granted. Now it seems like an unattainable dream.

2. You become a snore-stopping ninja

You have a rotation of what works to stop the snoring. A bit of nudging, gentle shaking and, if all else fails, turning them onto their side. All while trying not to wake them! The whole performance feels a bit like human buckaroo.

3. You feel guilty when they have had a bad night’s sleep

You know exactly why they didn’t sleep well. You were poking and prodding them all night to get them to shut up. Oops!

4. You hate them a little when you can’t sleep

How dare they seem so peaceful and content whilst torturing you! Even if you manage to shut them up with your ninja skills, you only get a five-minute window to get to sleep before it starts all over again.

5. You’re amazed they can make such a racket

How can it be possible for one person to make so much noise when they aren’t even awake?



6. You’re always looking for the next anti-snoring gadget

You’ve tried them all. From nose strips to weird pillows. Some worked a bit initially but soon all lost their effectiveness. That doesn’t stop you trying to find the holy grail of remedies that will cure the snoring forever.

7. Earplugs don’t really help

Even with earplugs jammed down your ear canal, you can still hear them. If you miraculously manage to cut out the noise, you still have the reverberations to deal with!

8. You’re jealous of people who can sleep through anything

At this moment you hate those people. They don’t know how lucky they are.

9. When they’re not snoring you wonder if they’re breathing

OK, all you wanted was for them to shut up, but the eerie silence is disconcerting. You strain your ears to check if they’re breathing.

10. They get annoyed if you accidentally nudge them awake

Oh, I’m sorry, am I keeping you up? I can’t possibly imagine how irritating that is! Don’t worry, you’ll be asleep and snoring happily again in no time.

11. They have to be close enough for you to prod them

Occasions when you have to sleep in twin beds are a nightmare. You’d think it would be better the further away they are, but if they are out of arm’s reach you actually have to get out of bed to shut them up! Horrendous.


Do you live with a snorer too? Let us know how you manage…