Did you know your obsolete CDs could double as cutlery, or that plastic skirt hangers make the perfect hands-free cookbook holder?


1. No more tears…

This old wives tale might sting a bit, but this is one of those kitchen tips that really works… If you dread cooking with tear-jerking onions, simply eat a chunk of the bulbous veg, then get chopping. If nothing else, the taste will take you mind off any tears!


2. The heart of cooking

If you want to let that special someone know what they mean to you heart-shaped cupcakes should do it! Simply place the cases in a cupcake tray, pop a marble between the tray and case creating an indent, then add your batter. Voilà, heart-shaped cupcakes!


3. Spicy solution

Like a kick to your curry, but not too much heat? Well, as kitchen tips go, this is eye-wateringly good. Watch the video above to discover the answer to your cooking prayers…


4. Squeezy does it

Stop! Don’t bin that empty, plastic tommy k bottle. Wash it out then refill it with pancake batter. No over-pouring, no drips…


5. Hang in there…

It’s tricky keeping hefty cookbooks open while trying to make the dish. No more… Just clip the book with a skirt hanger, hook it onto the cupboard handle. It’ll keep your cookbook clean, open and at eye level. Genius!


6. Once you’ve popped….

Thought we’d run out of kitchen tips? Think again! Why not repurpose your Pringles tub as a pasta storer…simple as that.


7. Chop, chop!

All out of clean knives to chop the kids’ apples, or make sarnies for their lunch box? Well, just reach for a redundant CD. Yes, you read that right, CD cutlery is so 21st century, don’t you know.


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