She is an undisputed pop princess, but we just want her wardrobe. Here are some of the iconic Katy Perry outfits that make us green with envy…


1. Fruit bowl beauty

Katy Perry outfits watermelon playsuit

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We love this cute watermelon playsuit, it’s like wearing a fruit bowl!


2. Lady Luck

Katy Perry playing cards dress

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This casino themed outfit is a real winner. Check out the playing card headband too!


3. Fairground fun

Katy Perry on stage wearing a fairground themed dress
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If you want to be a human carousel, then this is the dress for you!


4. Sushi chic

Sushi dress Katy Perry

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This sushi embroidered leotard is quirky dressing Katy Perry at her very best.


5. Throw the dice

Katy Perry outfits dice dress

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This fashion gamble really paid off. We’d love to look that great covered in dice too.


6. Prized peacock

Katy Perry in a peacock dress

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If you want to look like a feathered superhero, then this is the outfit for you!


7. Can I be the leader?

Katy Perry

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We’d definitely let her take the lead in this bandleader costume! The moustache accessory and k branded collar are fabulous finishing touches too.


8. Love heart

Katy Perry wearing heart shaped dress

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This heart emblazoned dress really has star quality.


9. Smurfette

Katy Perry Smurfette dress

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Katy Perry wore this gorgeous Smurfette bedazzled number at the premier of the Smurfs film in 2011. Cute!


10. PVC perfection

Katy Perry

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We love this PVC dress with trompe l’oeil belt and stitching detail. Check out the matching collar too.


11. Record collector

Record dress Katy Perry outfits

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This is the perfect dress for all of you music lovers out there. What a great way to use your old vinyl.


12. Fast food fabulous

Katy Perry in Moschino

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Doesn’t this fast food inspired Moschino ensemble make you want to go for a takeaway too?


13. Movie magic

Movie themed dress Katy Perry

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From the film reel top, to the popcorn skirt, this cinema themed get-up is just brilliant.


14. America’s sweetheart

American Flag jump suitKaty Perry outfits

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We love this star spangled ensemble!


15. Firework display

Katy Perry performing in a fireworks dress

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This impressive dress does a great impression of a firework display.


16. Footy fan

Katy Perry in NFL themed outfit

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We think this American Football inspired top and skirt combo is amazing. Check out the football earrings and necklace too, genius!


17. Graffiti gorgeous

Katy Perry Met Ball 2015

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Katy Perry wore this adventurous Moschino dress to the Met Gala this year. Check out the matching painted gloves and spray can handbag!


Would you wear any of these outfits from Katy Perry’s wardrobe? Let us know…