In the 10 years it ran, Friends taught us so many things we just never would’ve learnt anywhere else. And what important life lessons they were! Here are some things only Friend’s fans will appreciate…

1. Unagi isn’t just a salmon spring roll. It’s a state of total awareness, which can make you the master of self-defence, of course!

2. A ‘moo point’ is a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.

3. We will never forget the meaning of the word ‘pivot’ thanks to Ross… Pivot…Pivot!…PIVOT!

4. A moist maker is a third slice of bread in the centre of a turkey sandwich, soaked in gravy. And we should never steal such a sandwich. Especially when it comes with a note.

5. There are seven erogenous zones on a woman’s body.

6. An armadillo isn’t just a mammal with a leathery shell, it’s also one of Santa’s friends sent to educate children about Hanukkah.

7. A third nipple is often referred to as a ‘nubbin’.

8. Mixing moisturiser with talcum powder will form a paste. Not ideal when trying to remove shrunken leather pants! But you could always try making your own paste pants…

9. When getting a spray tan, never count Mississippily in between turning. You’ll only end up with the front darker than the back!

10. If you get your teeth whitened, avoid all rooms with a black light.

11. Put your money on Spud-nik to beat a giant, pink bunny in an arm wrestle fight.

12. When a woman’s eating full fat ice-cream after a breakup, it means it was a bad one. If she’s eating low calorie ice-cream, she’ll get over it quickly.

13. Everyone is searching for their lobster!

14. Who needs stain remover when a giant Christmas decoration is the perfect cover up for a hummus stain on an evening dress!

15. When learning to play the guitar you don’t need to know the chords – just how your hands looks when doing them. E.g Turkey leg, old lady…

16. We Brits put strange things in our food, ie. beef in trifles.

17. When playing ‘What am I?’ (particularly on a game show) when the clue is ‘I’m white,’ answering ‘Paper! Snow! A ghost!’ will sadly not win you any points.