We all know someone who conveniently stalls to avoid getting the first round in. If you don't know anyone who does this... it's probably you! Plenty of old chestnuts in here...


Trick 1: Money Out

Saying you’re just getting some money out on the way there. Classic stage one stalling.

Trick 2: Being Polite (Unintentionally!)

Opening the door for everyone to go in before you. You look polite and you avoid getting that big first round in! Jackpot.

Trick 3: Shoes



Tying a shoelace. An oldie but still an effective goodie. Not to be tried too often becomes very obvious.

Trick 4: Staying late

Staying at work a bit longer and saying ‘just finishing up,  I’ll see you in there.’ Then messing about on Facebook when you claim you have that important report to finish! Job done by the time you get there everyone will have a drink so you can just get yourself one!

Trick 5: Smoking

Not that we’d ever encourage this filthy habit. But smokers know that eventually a non-smoking pal will ask ‘what can I get you?’ as you puff away outside, as an excuse to get into the warm!

Trick 6: Bladder



Going straight to the toilet. Bypassing the bar and returning as someone is getting served. Perfect timing!

Trick 7: Face on

Putting on make-up is a guaranteed way of making you late… This excuse is best used by the girls!

Trick 8: Shoes II

Wearing new shoes/heels and walking too slowly. ‘You go ahead. I’ll slow you down, these shoes are killing me. G&T please!’

Trick 9: The quick escape

Saying you’ll get the next one…then scarpering. The classic ‘drink and run’ can be seen up and down the UK.

Trick 10: Must take this call



Taking an imaginary phone call. ‘Oh must get this…yes I’ll have a pint please.’

Trick 11: The friend delay

Seeking out someone to talk to, delaying you just long enough to rejoin when the round is being bought.

Trick 12: Pub stalking

Looking through the window of the pub. Waiting until a mate is just stepping up to the bar. Well wasn’t that perfect timing!

Trick 13: Handy!

Reading these Life! Death! Prizes! excuses on your phone, avoiding any eye contact until someone asks what you’d like! If this one works, you owe us a drink…


Do you know any other classic tips on how to avoid getting to the bar first?