Of course, we all love the man in our life, it’s just that we don’t always love his, erm, funny little ways… So what’s the most disgusting man habit? We reckon these are some top contenders – meet the Dirty Dozen!


1. The rummaging hand down the trousers, no matter where or when. Come on, boys, your bit’n’pieces can’t be THAT itchy! Or are you just checking they haven’t dropped off?


2. Nose picking – and flicking! Get yourself a packet of tissues, please.


3. Farting, especially in the bedroom. And you want to get frisky with us?


4. Clipping your toenails ANYWHERE except the bathroom – and not clearing them up. Those little blighters are sharp and ping everywhere!


5. Weeing on the loo seat – ah, yes, that old favourite.


6. Wanting to get jiggy at the weekend when you haven’t bothered to shave, shower or get out of your trackie bs. Come on – you wash and brush up to go to work!


7. Sniffing clothes to see if they can be worn again. If they were in a ball on the floor, no. In fact, if you have to sniff ’em – NEVER.


8. Leaving shaving trimmings all over the sink. And rings round the bath. You think the bathroom fairy cleans up after you?


9. Talking with your mouth full. You may think you sound like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, but you look like a chimp.


10. Taking off dirty socks and putting them ANYWHERE except the laundry basket. Especially down the side of the sofa (you know who you are!)


11. Slack loo hygiene. Those ‘Now wash your hands please ’ signs are there for a reason. We don’t care if you’ve ‘only’ had a wee.


12. Not changing bedding often enough, for those men who may live alone and do their own laundry. And again, you want sex with us?


But of course we should remember, before we go on a man-repair mission, nagging will NEVER work. Top of his list of our horrible habits? You guessed it – nagging!


Does your man have any gross habits? Let us know!