The sign of a great catchphrase is when it becomes part of everyday conversation – and corkers like 'Scorchio' and 'Suit you sir!' have certainly done that. To remind yourself of just how brilliant the Fast Show was, check out 7 of their funniest catchphrases...


1. Scorchio!

When the Fast Show first hit our screens back in 1994, ‘Scorchio!’ was one of the very first catchphrases to capture the public’s imagination – and it’s all thanks to Poula Fisch (played by Caroline Aherne). The weather girl on fictional ‘foreign’ TV station Channel 9, Poula’s meteorological skills involved slapping big sun-shaped stickers onto a map of fictional country Republicca Democratia Militaria, and declaring ‘Scorchio!’


2. Suit you sir!

Often mispronounced but always funny, this hilarious catchphrase was so loved by Johnny Depp he actually blagged his way into this sketch on the last ever Fast Show.


3. Grrreat/Nice!

With his pudding bowl haircut, polo neck jumper and chunky medallion, Jazz Club’s super-hip presenter Louis Balfour (played by John Thomson) certainly had the lingo daddio!


4. Like making love to a beautiful woman…

Who could forget the bouffanted love god that was Swiss Tony – used car salesman and eternal dispenser of advice on how to win over the ladies who compared everything to making love to a beautiful woman…


5. What did I say Roy?

We’ve all met couples like Roy and Renee! Roy meekly agreed with everything his chatterbox wife said, before inevitably putting his foot in it at the end of every sketch.


6. Arse!

Ah, the wonderful Bob Flemming, host of the Fast Show’s fictional ‘Country Matters’, who always had a frog in his throat and his trusty sidekick Jed who always, well, shouted ‘ARSE!’


7. Schminky pinky

Along with ‘Scorchio’, the fictional Channel 9 station gave us a whole host of ludicrous catchphrases, including ‘Chris Waddle’, ‘Boutros Boutros Ghali’ and our favourite ‘schminky pinky’. Here latin crooner and all round love god Mikki Disco shows us how the catchphrase schminky pinky is best used!