We don’t like mean-spirited commercials like the girl who hides her chocolate just for her. We like ads that make us feel good and say Aw! Here are our favourites from over the years…


1. Tesco

Nana knows just what to do when her grandson is feeling unwell. Watch how she makes up a batch of ‘magic’ soup to get him on the mend…

2. Morrisons

A little lad with allergies wonders what he can eat at a family party and is told he can have everything on the green plates, which makes him feel included.

3. Colman’s

This touching Colman’s Shepherd’s Pie ‘Chin up, Lass’ advert features a considerate dad a bit out of his depth to see his daughter so upset. So he does his best to make her feel better, and knocks up a shepherd’s pie to comfort his little girl’s broken heart.

4. Match.com

The food of love perhaps. This ad suggests cooking classes would be a good way to meet the love of your life, and suggests, ‘If you don’t like your imperfections, someone else will…’

5. Rolo

The sentiment is, ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’ and over the years there have been many ads, some with a slightly sinister edge. But this charming animated one is our favourite.

6. Werther’s Original

The overwhelming message here is Wether’s Original are grandad sweets, but if you’re lucky he’ll let you have one and even ruffle your hair affectionately.

7. Ikea

Sticking with grandads, there’s another one in his ad. This time, he’s with his granddaughter and they’re cooking up a storm. What she doesn’t realise is there is a prepared meal in the fridge for her already, but he doesn’t let on, as they’ve had such fun. Sweet…

8. Tesco Mobile

Although there’s an awful lot going wrong is this ad, ther’s still a feeling everything will be alright in the end. Which is why we like it.

9. Nationwide

Poet Jo Bell wrote a special poem to tell the story of how Nationwide building society began, and with it comes a backdrop that takes us on a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Jo’s poem suggests by helping each other, we can all get up the ladder.

10. Drontal Advantage

One boy and his dog turn into one man and his dog, and they’re just as close as ever. Fourteen years on, they’re still fighting crime together. It seems some partnerships are just meant to be. There are also some amateur special effects to enjoy in this ad, too.

11. Dogs Trust

We’re sticking with dogs for this lovely ad. The Dogs Trust has 20 rehoming centres around the country, and this campaign aims to show how important a new owner is to a Dogs Trust dog waiting for their special someone. We think it did that perfectly!

12. Milk Tray

What could be more heartwarming than a man going to such lengths to deliver you a box of chocs? The Milk Tray man has been taking risks to take a treat to mystery ladies for over 50 years now. And in the latest ad, he’s played by firefighter Patrick McBride. So, all boxes ticked there then!

13. Halifax

We always felt a bit sorry for Parker in Thunderbirds, who was at the mercy of his snooty, demanding boss, Lady Penelope. So it’s lovely to see him getting his own back in this clever commercial.

14. Sudocrem

The motto here is, ‘Give it all you’ve got.’ And there are many people leaping about on trampolines, demonstrating they’re not going to let sore skin get in the way when it comes to having fun. They certainly look like they’re enjoying themselves!

15. Compare The Market

We couldn’t go without an advert featuring those ever-popular meerkats. From hanging out with stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Macaulay Culkin, they were most out of their comfort zone when, on a dark and stormy night, they received a mysterious delivery. How they dealt with it warmed the cockles of our hearts, which was the whole purpose of this list in the first place!

Which adverts give you a warm glow? Let us know below…