It's the hit game that everyone just can't. stop. playing. Here's our ultimate guide to playing Pokemon Go...

1. Remember that Pokestop’s reload

If there is only 1 Pokestop near you, don’t try to travel somewhere else – just wait for a few minutes and it will reload.

2. Catch every Pokemon you see

There are plenty of Pokeballs given to you so catch every Pokemon you see, even if you already have it. Then you can transfer any duplicates in return for candy to evolve your other Pokemon.

3. Transfer the weakest Pokemon

All Pokemon transfers return the same amount of candy so if you have 2 of the same Pokemon, transfer the one with the smallest CP (combat power), this is the number above the Pokemon’s image.

4. Walk around… a lot

If you find an egg, put it in the incubator and walk for 5km, it will then hatch into a Pokemon. You can have up to 9 eggs which means 45km of walking to do.

5. Visit towns and cities

These places have the highest density of Pokestop’s and you can get the most amount of Pokeball’s there.

Another reason to visit cities is that there are more people there and some buy power ups to attract rare Pokemon to that spot. Any Pokestop with a pink glow around it has a power up put on it so therefore you can find rare Pokemons.

6. Aim for the top of the Pokemon when catching it

When catching the Pokemon try to aim for the top of it as the depth perception makes it seem closer than it really is.

7. Pokemon battles have changed

The turn-by-turn basis for Pokemon battles has all changed and it is now more of a free-for-all

8. How to attack

Tap the opponents Pokemon to attack, hold down for a special attack and swipe to dodge attacks. A Pokemon with a higher CP is much better at battles.

9. Watch where you’re going

As you’re being guided by your phone you have to make sure that you look where you’re going or you could easily walk into someone/something.


By Matthew Walker

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