Famous for its poltergeist, Enfield had a lot more going for it! Here are a few things you'll only know if you grew up in Enfield (and we're pretty proud of it)...


1. You’re still not sure if Enfield is in Greater London or Middlesex. Any ideas, anyone?!

2. Growing up, if you had any body piercings, you always had them done at G Mantella in Enfield Town.



3. Saturday mornings were spent in Enfield Town market perusing the velvet scrunchies and Alice bands (before Claire’s Accessories arrived, that is!)

4. Your first date was a trip to the little Odeon Cinema on Southbury Road and your ticket only cost you £2. Of course, your date should have paid for you, but you can’t have everything, right…?

5. In your teens you always shopped in Krisp or River Island. Why did we have to wait so long for Topshop and New Look?!



6. You had a fake Oakland College ID card that was highly unconvincing…

7. The George was the place you went for your first legal drink, swiftly followed by the upmarket Crown and Horseshoe.

8. You went to The Townhouse to the under 18s club and realised it was more embarrassing than a school disco…

9. Seventies night at Eros nightclub was the highlight of your week. Fact.



10. The Great Cambridge roundabout was the bane of your life when you were learning to drive and taking your tests. Why were there so many lanes?!

11. You’re strangely proud of Pearsons Department Store. There are only a few dotted around the UK and Enfield Town is one of the chosen spots.

12. Remember the man (Charlie, we think his name was) who stood at Bury Street dressed in a suit, hat and gloves and held flowers whilst waving at the traffic? Yeah, we miss him too…

13. The Enfield Town fireworks display was the best – you looked forward to it every year.



14. The Enfield Poltergeist is one of the most exciting things to happen in the area. Ever.

15. You got really excited when the funfair used to set up in the park every so often. Your parents may not have liked it, but you certainly did!

16. Apparently the world’s first ATM was installed at Barclays Bank in Enfield in 1967. Trendsetters!

17. Ray Winstone and Paul Whitehouse grew up in Enfield. If it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!

PA Pictures

PA Photos

18. You were probably born at Chase Farm Hospital. Sure, A&E and the maternity unit have closed down, but it still has a place in your hearts…

19. JK Palmers did the best sandwiches and jacket potatoes in Enfield Town. You loved going there on a Saturday with your mates…

20. …That’s if you weren’t in Oliver’s cafe hiding on the top floor gossiping with your friends about boys!

21. Millfield Theatre and Chicken Shed was as cultured as you got!

22. The Enfield Town tramp. That’s all we’ll say about that!

23. You went to loads of parties at the bowling alley at David Lloyd, followed by a competitive round of air hockey. If only they were still there…



24. Forty Hall had stunning scenery and the manor house was fun to look around, not that you appreciated it at the time!


Have we missed anything off the list? What memories do you have of Enfield?