If stand-up comedy is your thing and you'd like to know who's going to tickle your funny bone, look no further. Here's our list of the funniest females around...


1. Lou Sanders

Lou proves she can mix it up with her irreverent and cutting humour.


2. Kerry Godliman

Kerry can control a crowd full of drunken hecklers and take them down, easily winning them over. You may well have seen her on telly, as she’s a main character in the Ricky Gervais sitcom Derek.


3. Aisling Bea

Quite simply superb. Becoming established now on many TV panel shows.


4. Tiffany Stevenson

With her bone-dry and sarcastic delivery, Tiffany has a disdainful look upon life and tells it like it is. Majorly underrated and one of our favourite funny women.


5. Josie Long


Pretty off the wall at times, but you can’t beat Josie for exuberance and quirkiness. Nominated for countless awards every year.


6. Jo Caulfield

Jo’s material is compelling and in this clip she delivers some great lines from innocent children who have a better take on life than some adults!


7. Francesca Martinez

Very cheeky is Francesca and a master at self-deprecation.


8. Andi Osho

Been a firm favourite on the circuit for many years and pops up on countless comedy shows. Pretty sharp and extremely funny, as a former actress you can see how at ease Andi is on stage.


9. Roisin Conaty

Roisin has come to prominence in the last few years. She was in the brilliant sitcom Man Down. Not afraid to poke fun, she can mix it up and act like a total baffoon.


10. Sara Pascoe

Sara tells it like it is with her cynical outlook on life. She’s been making people titter since 2007 and is getting better and better.


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