Tis the season to Christmas party… And maybe THIS is your chance to reel in that special someone you've had your eye on. We consulted a flirting expert for their top tips for both girls and boys. Have a VERY merry Christmas!


1. Be confident

Ok, so maybe you’ve had a rubbish day and are wearing your least-favourite Primarni frock/shirt you dug out from the bottom of the washing pile… But if you’re not feeling it, fake it! Stand tall, head held high, and smile.

2. Use the ‘proactive glance’ or the ‘eye smile’

Hold his/her gaze – but not for too long – that’s creepier than a bad chat-up line!  Do it right and you’ll communicate a thousand feelings without saying a word. Warning, ladies: it takes the average male brain three looks before he realises you’re interested.

Flirting: eye contact


3. And now… ‘the triangle’

After looking seductively at their left then right eye, glance at their mouth. If you’re feeling brave, lick your lips – but, careful, get it wrong and you’ll just look like your just eyeing up the satay sticks on the buffet.

4. Think body language

Keep your stance open, angle your body towards theirs and subtly mirror their actions.

5. Use your mane

Girls, play with your hair, twist it round your fingers playfully. Boys: run your fingers through your hair all rugged like. (NB: Not recommended if you’ve overdone the gel… icky!)

Flirting: man running fingers through hair


6. Test their personal boundary

We all have an 18in personal-boundary bubble around us… If you think things are going well, step closer – but if they back away, then so should you – you creepy space-hog!

7. Accidentally touch, nudge, brush…

Just enough to make them wonder and want more. Barely-there, unexpected touches are the most electric.

8. Keep it lighthearted

…be fun, be teasing and playfully hit them – yeah, all right, not THAT hard.

9. Pay them a compliment

As you do so, lower the tone and volume of your voice slightly. It hints sexiness – and they may just have to move closer to hear you over the dulcet tones of Noddy Holder wailing away in the background.

Flirting: man leaning in close to pay compliment


10. Brush up your vocabulary

Throw in a few interesting words – intelligence is sexy. Phwoarr – everyone loves a dodecahedron!

11. It’s all about them, not you

Ask questions, listen, be interested (even if your mind is wandering onto whether or not you’ve fed the cat that morning).

12. Have a few jokes ready

Everyone loves funny.

13. If s/he’s got a tattoo, ask for the story behind it

You never know, you might see more another day…

Flirting: sexy man with tattoo


14. People-watch for a few minutes

…then ask them if they noticed the girls/blokes were checking them out (er, make sure said girls/blokes have left first or you’ll lose your catch!).

15. Be bossy but NOT domineering

‘Take me out for a coffee next Wednesday!’

16. And the ultimate golden rule…

Subtlety is everything, try-hard neediness is a turn-off. Part of the whole flirting process is giving the other person some space – or even appearing completely disinterested at times…And if they aint interested, they aint! Step away!

Flirting: desperate woman smothering man with kisses



Good luck! Let us know if our flirting tips worked for you! And now check out the cheesiest Christmas chat-up lines!