Think you've got it tough? Well wait until you hear these First World problems - then you'll know real suffering! Read 'em and weep (and promise never to kick off again)…


1. Boo hoo! There’s no Wi-Fi on my bus!

First-world problems: Disgruntled woman with mobile phone


Read the paper, take a nap, get a life..!


2. The ice-cream van parks near my kid’s school – outrageous!

First-world problems: Ice-cream van


Just a thought – why not buy little Billy a lolly? Or just teach him how to accept the word ‘no’.


3. Oh for Delia’s sake, Aldi has run out of organic alfalfa!

First-world problems: Alfalfa beans


Bring back the days of beans on toast and tinned fruit salad with condensed milk. And that was when you had a posh mate round for tea…


4. I’m getting married – oh, the stress! I neeeeeeeed to book an ice sculptor/14-night hen do in Peru/favours woven from Aboriginal virgins’ hair!

First-world problems: Bridezilla


The wedding is just one day. Maybe put some thought into how you’re going to live with the same bloke for the next 50 years…


5. I asked for a skinny latte with an extra shot of honeycomb syrup – they gave me a cappuccino.

Rirst-world problems: Cappuccino


It’s hot, it’s wet, you’ll live. Don’t bite the barista’s head off.


6. It’s raining, my hair will frizz! (Accompanied by holding handbag over head and running hysterically in heels)

First-world problems: Sad woman with frizzy hair


A. It’s water. B. Accept the hair you’ve got. C. Oh dear, now your bag’s getting really wet.


7. The train is 6 minutes late due to signal failure – I’m livid!

First-world problems: Depressed man waiting for train


So you’d rather the driver just ran through the signal anyway..?


8. I’m standing in front of a door and it’s not opening automatically!

First-world problems: Push sign on door


Like they say on Call The Midwife…PUSH!


9. I’ve put two Weetabix in a round bowl – but however I arrange them, one gets too soggy, the other too dry…

First-world problems: Grumpy man eating cereal


We give up. Starving children in Africa. End of.


So…which first world problems get your goat?