We may be similar to our English-speaking counterparts, but there are some things that we just can’t agree on. These clothing terms from our friends over the pond and Down Under may surprise you.


1. Thongs on your feet



No you aren’t wearing skimpy knickers on your feet. Aussies call flip flops thongs.


2. Wearing your pants out in public



Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing people wondering around in their underpants. Those crazy Yanks call trousers pants.


3. Styling your Canadian passport

man with mullet


A Canadian passport is Aussie slang for the previously popular hair cut, the mullet!


4. Showing your fanny pack

bum bag

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A fanny pack isn’t some kind of rude word, it’s actually the American word for a bum bag. You can see what they were thinking when they named it!


5. Chilling in your shorts and beater

man in vest


No you’re not sitting on your sofa with a whisk! A beater is the North American word for vest.


6. Getting your bangs cut

woman getting her hair cut


This sounds like gibberish, doesn’t it? Bangs are the American word for fringe, so your hairdresser will be responsible for cutting them.


7. Put a derby on your head

bowler hat


What we know as a bowler hat the Americans call a Derby, weird huh?


8. Sporting togs at the beach

women on the beach


No, this isn’t some kind of high fashion item you haven’t heard about yet, it’s Aussie slang for swimwear.


9. Dressing in your daisy dukes

denim hot pants


This term meaning denim hot pants was made popular by the character Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard.


10. Keep warm with your tuque

man in winter hat


The Canadians are responsible for this one! A tuque is their word for a winter hat.


11. Keeping your trousers up with suspenders

man in braces


This isn’t some kind of kinky sex game. Suspenders are actually what we know as braces.


12. Going to work in your Canadian Tuxedo

man in double denim


Everyone loves a bit of denim on denim but the Canadians have loved it for so long that this term actually means double denim.


13. Wear your kicks out



That’s trainers to you and me! This Americanism has slowly made its way over here so you might be hearing it around soon.