You know you've made it when you turn yellow! As these famous faces found out, there's no better sign that you're A-list than appearing as yourself in The Simpsons!


The Simpsons of Springfield may just be an ordinary American family, but they sure do have some friends in high places – as these 13 famous faces in The Simpsons prove.

From a former British Prime Minister to the Walrus of Love, they’ve all been immortalised in Matt Groening’s famous yellow caricatures, and have leant their voices to their roles. In fact, there have been hundreds of ‘cameos’  since The Simpsons first aired at the end of 1989, but these are our favourites…

1. Tom Hanks


Star of countless movies, from Saving Private Ryan to Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks is Big on the big screen, and that’s where he appeared in The Simpsons Movie. In it, he starred in an advert announcing a new Grand Canyon – in Springfield!


2. Pharrell Williams


The Happy singer must have been ecstatic to be given a part in The Simpsons, complete with trademark outsize hat. In his episode, Springfield’s town anthem has been used by another town. Lisa offers to write a new anthem – but then master songwriter Pharrell turns up to offer his services. In true Simpsons fashion, he is tied up and sent away on a horse!


3. Lady Gaga


Another massive singing star to appear in yellow, Gaga passes through Springfield and is determined to spread a little cheer amongst its downbeat residents. She manages to cheer up everyone except Lisa – whose Poker-face isn’t for pleasing! Finally, though, Lisa’s mood gets a boost when she unleashes her rage at Lady Gaga. What a Monster!


4. Gordon Ramsay


Craggy-faced, sweary chef Gordon got The Simpsons treatment in 2011 while appearing in one of Lisa’s dreams – or should that be Kitchen Nightmares? In the dream, he offers Lisa some advice before being forcibly removed!


5. Ricky Gervais


It’s a long way from Wernham Hogg in Slough to Springfield, but Ricky managed to make the journey. He has written, voiced and appeared in The Simpsons. Goes to show, he is Extra-special.


6. Russell Brand

russell_brand_simpsonsAnother Brit comedian to make his mark in The Simpsons, Russell’s brand of comedy is a good fit with Matt Groening’s anarchic world.


7. Stephen Hawking


A multiple cameo star, the theoretical physicist has appeared in no less than six episodes, plus the movie and even the video game! He’s even had the pleasure of sharing a beer with Homer while pondering the wonders of the universe.


8. Simon Cowell


Telly and music mogul Simon has leant the show a touch of the X Factor on three occasions. In one episode he hosted Springfield’s Got Talent. He has said he hated the experience but did it so he could ‘look good and stay young forever’ as his character won’t age with time – much like Bart!


9. Chris Martin


As the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris once sang, ‘It was all yellow’. He wasn’t wrong there, was he! Chris and the band appeared when The Simpsons got to see Coldplay in a private gig, a prize which Homer had won in a lottery.


10. Lionel Richie


‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’ Well, yes actually! The soulful crooner and former Commadore was commandeered to perform a song whose only lyric is ‘Beer’, to Homer on Montgomery Burns’ private jet.


11. JK Rowling


No stranger to fantasy worlds herself, the Harry Potter author cast her spell on Springfield’s most famous family when they were visiting Britain. She said hello to ‘young Muggle’ and huge Harry fan, Lisa.


12. Tony Blair


Former British leader Tony Blair showed his humorous side when he greeted Marge and family at the airport in England. When Homer tries to bribe him to leave them alone, using a dollar, Blair swiftly pockets it!


13. Barry White


The Walrus of Love has appeared three times, even singing his hit song Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe in an episode where he’s caught up in Springfield’s Whacking Day – when the townsfolk set about destroying snakes!


Who is your fave Simpsons character ever – and why? Let us know in the comments below…