Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. We all know this, we’re very different creatures. So what facts about women do we wish men knew about us?


1. When we say we’ll be five minutes…

Facts about women: they always take ages to get ready


We actually mean we’ll be 15… OK, fine 20! It takes time and effort to look good, you know. You can’t rush a masterpiece. And did we ever tell you that patience is a really attractive quality? Rushing us and losing your temper is most certainly not. Plus, you’ll only be delaying our beauty process even more. Right, that’s the first of the facts about women men need to know. Now here’s the rest…


2. We rarely wear matching undies

As hard as we try to keep our sets organised, it just never stays that way. And when we’re in a rush, we’ll throw on whatever. So, next time you’re undressing a girl with your eyes, chances are, she’s wearing a faded pink bra, and an old pair of boxer style briefs with holes in. Attractive, eh!


3. We tell our friends everything

That’s right…EVERYTHING. So that means my best mates know everything about you.


4. We don’t shave our legs every day – get over it!

Facts about women: we don't shave our legs every day


Shaving takes time and effort, so can you really blame us for skipping shaving our legs for a few days…or weeks if we’re feeling particularly lazy. We get it, nothing feels as good as our smooth, freshly shaven pins. But hair grows quickly! Cut us some slack and deal with the prickles.


5. We love it when you notice the little things

Make a note of when we’re at the hairdresser’s and say how great our hair looks, even if you think it looks exactly the same. And if you spot us wearing a new top or dress, tell us! We love a compliment, so keep them coming.


6. ‘Fine’ is never an appropriate response when we ask you how we look

Try ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘breath-taking’, or even ‘sensational’. Anything with less than two syllables simply won’t do.


7. We don’t sleep in sexy lingerie every night

Facts about women: we don't always wear sexy lingerie


Sorry to break it to you guys, but no woman in their right mind sleeps in sexy teddies and stockings every night. It’s simply not practical, or comfortable. So please don’t judge us on our cosy pjs, with the fuzzy teddy-bear print. Bears can be sexy too, right?


8. When we tell you we’re ‘fine’…

This actually means we’re angry, upset, or annoyed, and you need to try a little bit harder to get us to tell you. And we do expect you to know this. So if you carry on like everything is fine, this will just wind us up even more.


9. We like it when you take control

You might think you’re being nice by letting us take the lead on what we do for our date nights. But it would be nice if, once in a while, you made the decisions. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows what he wants. So book a restaurant and tell us where we’re eating. And who knows, you may even be rewarded with dessert!


10. On a first date, we imagine what it would be like to marry you

Facts about women: think about what it's like to marry you


It sounds creepy, but we need to know whether our first name fits with your last name. If it doesn’t sound right, we may think twice about that second date!