Strawberries are THE taste of summer, and nothing tastes as delicious as these juicy, sweet fruits!

1. National Strawberries & Cream Day is on 21 May 2016.

2. Strawberries were cultivated by the Romans as early as 200 BC. They thought they had medicinal powers and used them treat everything from depression to fainting, fever, kidney stones, bad breath and sore throats.

3. They taste good – and are good for you too! They’re high in B6, K, folic acid, potassium and amino acids, and also contain ellagic acid that can help fight cancers, plus flavonoids, which help to reduce cholesterol.

4. A great source of vitamin C – eight strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange!

5. Strawberries contain high levels of nitrate. This has been shown to increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. Research suggests that people who load up on strawberries before exercising have greater endurance and burn more calories.

image of woman exercising with a bowl of strawberries


6. In medieval times, strawberries were regarded as an aphrodisiac, and a soup made of strawberries, borage and soured cream was traditionally served to newlyweds at their wedding breakfast.

7. Strawberries have their seeds on the outside. The average berry has 200 of them.

8. Belgium has a museum dedicated to strawberries. In the gift shop at Le Musée de la Fraise (The Strawberry Museum), you can buy everything from strawberry jam to strawberry beer.

9. Some 27,000 kilos of strawberries are eaten during the Wimbledon Championships, together with 7,000 litres of cream.

10. 100g serving of strawberries has just 50 calories, and with 0g of fat – tuck in!

image of single strawberry with cream


11. Strawberries can help whiten your teeth – it’s the fruit acids that help to remove stains.

12. Madame Tallien, a member of Emperor Napoleon’s court, bathed in the juice from 22lb fresh strawberries. Like most citizens in the 1700s, she did not bathe daily or even weekly.  That strawberry bath probably only happened once a year.

13. For smoother, softer skin, just cut a strawberry in half, rub it over your face and leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.

image of woman's face wiith a bowl of strawberries


14. To reduce puffy eyes, place a few strawberry slices under your eyes and relax for 10 min, then remove the slices and moisturise.

15. According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest strawberry was grown in Japan. On 28 January 2015, it weighed in at 250 g (8.82 oz).

16. The phobia of strawberries is fragariaphobia.