Time to get nostalgic! How much do you know about the successful 1970s pop duo who dominated the charts all those years ago?


1. Lennie Peters was blinded in one eye aged 5 during a car accident, and the other at 16 when a brick was thrown at him.

2. Peters was the uncle of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

Peters and Lee


3. The singing duo’s original name was Lennie Peters and Melody.

4. Their first performance was supporting Rolf Harris.

5. They were the first act after the Beatles to simultaneously chart a single and an LP at number one in England.

6. Peters’ daughter Lisa was murdered in a caravan park in 2005, while on holiday with her three young sons.

Peters and Lee


7. Peters died of bone cancer in 1992, at the age of 60.

8. He had links with East End gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who encouraged his career. Another brother, Charlie Kray, attended his funeral.

9. Peters appeared briefly as a crime boss in the 1984 film The Hit.

10. Dianne Lee married Wizzard bass player Rick Price, and they still tour together as a duo.

11. The duo’s best-known hit Welcome Home was used to advertise Walkers Crisps in 1995.