Oh oh OHHH - some of these facts are knee-tremblingly good! Want to know more about orgasms? Then lay back, read on and feel the earth move. (OK, so we wanted to have a list of 69…but we figured you might get fed up with us banging on...)


1. Word up! ‘Orgasm’, er, comes from the Greek orgasmos, meaning to swell with moisture, be excited and eager. And how!

2. In ancient Egyptian legend, the god Atum created the world when he reached climax – with the Tigris River allegedly made of semen.

Orgasms: suggestive fruit and a syringe


3. Studies have shown that the male orgasm stimulates the same bit of the brain that heroin affects in an addict. Yes, sex can be addictive…

4. Are we there yet? The researchers have been on it… On average, 2-10 minutes for a man to reach his golden goal, and more like 20 for a woman. But some time-conscious ladies can get there after just 30 seconds of self-stimulation!

5. Men are from Mars and women from Venus, right? Maybe…but the two body parts mainly involved in an orgasm – the penis and clitoris – actually come from the same tissue in an unborn baby. And the spinal cord and brain are connected to the penis and clitoris by the same nerve route. The result: it feels pretty damn good for all of us!

6. That said, orgasms can vary, even in the same person. That’s because the genitals are connected to several different pairs of nerves, and by stimulating different combinations of these, you’ll get a different feeling. Add to that other variables: who you’re with, where you doing it, what the weather’s like…

Orgasms: woman brushing her teeth


7. Obviously orgasms can originate from other bits of the body too – the G spot, cervix, anus, prostrate, breasts, nipples… One woman even reported climaxing while brushing her teeth!

8. Anorgasmia means a ‘lack of orgasm’. Some poor folk just can’t get there, no matter what. Even a special meal at Wetherspoons and everything…

Orgasms: man sneezing


9. Some people have been known to suffer an uncontrollable bout of sneezing post-orgasm. Pass the tissues.

10. Apparently a woman’s pain threshold increases by up to 107 per cent during climax.

11. Special blend… The ‘blended’ orgasm is where several body parts are stimulated together (eg, vagina and clitoris) to create a stronger, even more mind-blowing experience!

Orgasms: man pulling face


12. Bits of the brain that are activated by pain are also activated during orgasm. Hence that very special face you pull…

13. Does he seem a bit distant and grumpy straight afterwards? The French call it ‘la petite mort’ – a state of melancholy post-orgasm.

14 At the point of climax, levels of self-control and fear of danger are known to decrease.

15. In one study, one boastful chap reached orgasm SIX times in 40 minutes, with decreasing amounts of semen each time. Clever dick!

Orgasms: woman in labour


16. Hard to believe, but some women have been known to orgasm while giving birth… Enter the ‘birthgasm’!

17. Multiple orgasms are usually associated with women – with happy moments coming a few seconds or minutes apart. But men can experience them too – with Chinese documents from 2968BC mentioning the fact.

18. You’re never too old – orgasms can continue well into your 90s.

19. As for how long an orgasm lasts, the jury is out. One study said 18 seconds for a woman, 22 seconds for a man. But another said 3-15 seconds for a woman and even less for a fella. Maybe take your stop-watch with you next time..?

Orgasms: monkeys having sex


20. Many types of primate have been shown to display classic orgasm signs, including ‘that face’!

21. In one study, 85 per cent of men said their partner had achieved orgasm, but only 64 per cent of the women said they’d actually come. Sexologists call this ‘the orgasm gap’. We call it ‘faking it’.

22. Some cultures advise on holding back on orgasms because it’s seen as debilitating. Other societies encourage it because they reckon it gives you energy! Sports players are often advised to abstain before a big match/race…

23. Different religions recommend different amounts of sex (within marriage, of course!). For example, for men, the Koran advises once a week; the Talmud, once a day to once a week. Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism advised twice a week.

Orgasms: couple in bed, man asleep


24. And don’t we know it, girls. After a man reaches orgasm, he needs a little rest – the ‘refractory period’, when he can’t ‘come again’. The recharge time depends on age, experience – and whether the football’s on.

25. Just thinking about it – or even meditating – can produce an orgasm.

26. In women, there’s a link between age and the likelihood to climax… A UK study showed 64 per cent of women aged 35-39 get there in at least half of their sexual encounters. But this drops to  21 per cent aged 55-59. Maybe the novelty’s worn off..?

27.  Fancy breaking a record? The world record for masturbation to orgasm is 6 hrs 30 minutes (women) and 8 hours 30 minutes (men).

Orgasms: woman with magnifying glass


28. Research shows size DOESN’T matter – it’s more about it being ‘a good fit’.

29. Those who feel less secure in their relationship are less likely to orgasm.

30. It’s thought men who reach climax once or twice a week, live longer. Unless he’s doing it with her next door, in which case his life may be curtailed quite suddenly.

31. It’s possible that you’re more likely to get pregnant if you orgasm – apparently the act helps ‘suck up the semen’!

Orgasms: woman holding a drill to her head


32. ‘Not tonight, I’ve got a headache…’ Actually orgasms can help relieve pain – for up to 10 minutes afterwards. Then again, a vigorous climax can actually cause head pain – the ‘orgasmic headache’.

33. Medieval writers named the pre-ejeculate that comes from the penis ‘the distillate of love’. Aww – poetic!

34. Trying to lose weight? Sadly, an orgasm itself burns just a couple of calories – it’s the exercise beforehand that burns more.

35. When a woman comes, her body creates a large amount of the chemical needed for bonding – oxytocin. Hence the need to cuddle (while he’s watching the football – see number 24).

36. Aristotle was the first person to write about female orgasms – though we’re pretty sure he won’t be the last…

Orgasms: 'Please come again' on receipt