Us women often wonder what goes on in a man’s head. Especially as men rarely open up and tell us what’s on their mind. Here we expose the top 10 facts about men than women need to know…


1. If there’s an itch, it will be scratched

facts about men: scratching an itch

Sounds gross, but men can’t help having a good old scratch. And they’re in no rush to stop when we clock them doing it either. The truth is, they don’t see what the itch-u is.


2. Tell him that nothing is wrong, and he will act like nothing is wrong

If you tell him you’re fine, he will take your word for it and carry on as though nothing is wrong. He’s not a mind reader. You’re not fine? Just tell him that then and let him put it right.


3. Don’t be offended if he checks out other women

Frustrating as it is, it’s just a natural reflex. They see a bum, they look. They see boobs, they look. They can’t help it. It doesn’t mean anything, so just let it go.


4. Subtle hints don’t work, huge hints don’t work – just tell them

facts about men: be honest - image of couple arguing


So you drop into conversation that your friend’s boyfriend just surprised her with a holiday. Then you get upset when he doesn’t surprise you with the same trip. Sorry girls, but men don’t get hints. They’re oblivious to them. So next time you want something, just come right out with it and ask.


5. Never criticise his mum

He might’ve put you on a pedestal, but there is one woman in a man’s life who he puts on a throne. His mum. So never speak badly of her. It’s OK if he does it, and you sympathise with him. But if you’re the one with a bad word to say…well, watch out!


6. Mates before dates

His pals have been with him longer than you. And no matter how much he enjoys the sex, he will not put up with you trying to axe his mates from his life.


7. He notices when you don’t wear the jewellery he bought you

facts about men: man giving wife jewellery


For a man to go to the effort of buying jewellery, that’s a big deal. And he’ll be chuffed with himself that he’s pulled it out of the bag for once and bought you something special. So if you’re not wearing it every time he sees you, that’s going to hurt.


8. Nothing makes him more angry than when you get make-up on his shirt

Yes, he likes it when you’re affectionate and kiss his neck. But when he notices the orangey foundation you’ve left behind on the shoulder of his shirt, he’s not going to be happy. White shirts should be pristine and nobody knows that better than him.


9. Being too ‘perfumey’ isn’t good

It’s obvious to men when you’ve overdone it with the perfume…because their nostrils start burning! Men can’t stand it when they nuzzle your neck and pull away with a mouthful of flowery perfume. They prefer a subtler scent. Remember, less is more.


10. He will always pay the bill on a first date…

facts about men: man paying the bill


But he notices when you don’t offer. Men like to be a gentleman and pay. But when a woman doesn’t even reach for her purse when the bill comes, he finds it rude. He’ll also mentally knock off a few points for it too. Not great if you’re hoping for a second date.


Can you think of any more facts about men that we’ve missed?