...PLUS the recipe for the Ultimate Fish Finger sandwich. They're not just for kids!


Bird’s Eye fish fingers are 60 years old, so let’s celebrate with a few facts about one of our favourite childhood (and, be honest, we still love ‘em now we’re grown ups!) foods.

1. American Clarence Birdseye invented the modern plate freezing process in 1927 – pressure is applied to food between two plates allowing quick and efficient freezing to take place…

2. …and that in turn allowed the creation of the fish finger, which was launched in the UK in the autumn of 1955.

3. The (pre-decimal) price of a box in 1955 was 1s 8d – that’s about 8p today!

4. The fish fingers were packaged in a hand-made wax-coated carton, where they were individually packed and wrapped in a printed waxed film.

5. The advertising campaign was ‘no bones, no waste, no smell, no fuss’.

6. In 1967, the adverts featured Captain Birdseye. So identifiable was he with the product, that when the company wanted to change its advertising campaign in 1971, it placed a notice in The Times announcing his death. It realised its mistake, however, and resurrected him three years later – again with an announcement in The Times.

7. Captain Birdseye is the most recognised captain after Cook.

8. In its first year, 600 tonnes of fish fingers were eaten. Now, with 68 per cent of the market, more than 1.5m Birds Eye fish fingers are sold each day.

9. …that means that 18 Birds Eye fish fingers are eaten every second!

10. 41,100,516 packets of Birds Eye fish fingers were sold last year alone, ­equivalent to a total of 572,030,831 fish fingers! That’s enough fish fingers to travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats 52 times, London to Rome 35 times or wrap around the globe almost one and a half times!

11. In 2009, Banksy included fish fingers as part of his art exhibition in Bristol –­ they were ‘swimming’ around in a fish tank!

12. Dr Who is renowned for enjoying the strange combination of fish fingers with custard.

13. In North America, fish fingers are known as fish sticks.

14. Unbelievably, one in five kids thinks that fish fingers are made from chicken!


….and now (roll of drums….) here is the recipe for:

The Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich

imge of the ultimate fish finger sandwichYou will need:

2 fish fingers

1 ciabatta roll, halved

1 poached egg

1 tomato

1/4 lettuce

1tbsp low fat yogurt

1/4 avocado

1 lemon


Here’s how:

1. Put fish fingers under the grill for 12-15 min. Then bring a pan of water to boil.

2. Halve ciabatta. Mix shredded lettuce with yogurt and season with lemon juice. Spread on both pieces of bread.

3. Turn water down and poach egg in simmering water for 2-3 min so it is still soft in middle, but not runny. Take the water off heat.

4. Place sliced tomato and avocado on one piece of bread and top with grilled fish fingers. Retrieve egg from water and place on top.

5. Carefully lay other piece of bread on top and serve.