Losing weight can be hard, and for some of us, it's nice to have the additional support and sense of community when addressing our weight. It becomes a way of life. Here are some experiences every Weight Watchers member will have...


1. Within weeks of becoming a Weight Watcher, you’ve learnt and retained the ProPoints value of pretty much every single food there is. Not to mention the ProPoints in a large glass of wine (and by that, we mean white, red AND rose). You’re a mathematical wizard!



2. You love that you can follow the Filling and Healthy approach or sample the other approaches to cater to your every whim.

3. You start to live for Silver Sevens and feel triumphant when you’re awarded one.

4. Your Weight Watchers Eat Out book goes pretty much everywhere with you…

5. Before each weekly weigh-in you find yourself unceremoniously stripping off every conceivable layer of clothing you can (without being offensive) and ensure you find time for one final wee….well, every lb counts!



6. You’re much more organised during your weekly shop, you plan your meals better and seasoning is fast becoming your best friend.

7. Whilst you love seeing the lbs melt away, non-scale victories are also satisfying…your measurements are getting smaller and your ‘thin’ jeans don’t seem quite so unobtainable. Whoop!

8. Weight Watchers eSource is probably your most visited site. It’s great for tracking points, recipe ideas and logging those (much needed!) activity points.

9. You try and stay away from your bathroom scales between weigh-ins through fear of becoming disheartened and falling off the wagon, but sometimes, you give in.

10. The motivational meetings each week make you realise others struggle too and it gives you a sense of newfound determination.



11. Your shelves are stacked full of Weight Watchers recipes…

12. …And you thank your lucky stars for sandwich thins!

13. When you hit your target, or a milestone loss, everyone at your meeting will clap and cheer. It’s completely embarrassing…but secretly, you’re thrilled!

14. You can’t resist buying snacks from the Weight Watchers meeting after you’ve weighed in. Well, they’re healthy after all…

15. You’re very precious about your Record Card and can’t help scanning it every now and again to remind yourself, you have lost weight.

16. You couldn’t be more grateful for your 49 extra ProPoints each week!

17. Anything other than skimmed milk now tastes weird…


Have we forgotten any Weight Watchers experiences? Let us know in the comments section below…