You only know if you've been there, man... so pour yourself a Mug Shot, put your feet up and read our fave Slimming World experiences. How many have happened to you?


1. You’ve never been that hot at maths but you can suddenly count the Syn value of any meal in your head like you’re Rain Man.

2. You’re as obsessed with your next stone ‘shinies’ as a little boy with a Panini World Cup sticker album. Sadly, swapsies aren’t allowed…

3. When you learn that there’s a recipe for Slimming World friendly Syn free chips you realise there is a God.



4. When you don’t plan ahead, you end up having weird meal combos to make sure you get your fruit and veg speed foods in. Slimming World fry up with a side of broccoli, anyone?

5. Your herb and spice rack is suddenly overflowing…

6. … and so is your Tupperware cupboard.

7. A stategically timed wee before a weigh in can really make the difference and help you lose that extra 0.5lb.

8.  Your partner starts complaining about your dreaded ‘Slimming World farts’.

9. Your mind boggles at that one woman in group who moans she’s not losing weight with one breath then brags about her weekend binge with another…

10. …Apart from the week when that one woman is you.

11. This is how you feel when someone in your group reaches their target…

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 15.17.15

12. You know appoximately 300 recipes that include Quark.

13. A Friday night Fakeaway is better than a take away ever was, right.

14. You panic when the supermarket is out of Fry Light.

15. Between official weigh-ins your bathroom scales must be avoided at all costs. But you can’t resist tiptoeing onto them to check after an especially saintly weekend.

16. If something isn’t cooked in the Actifty, it’s done in the slow cooker.

17. After upping your water consumption, you spend much more time running to the loo. That counts as Body Magic, right?!


What Slimming World experiences have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments box, below!