Kids today have so many options when it comes to skiving off homework. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube... they all provide perfect distractions from the books. Back in the day, when we wanted to procrastinate before studying we had to work a lot harder. Recognise any of these homework avoidance tactics from when you were a kid...?


1. The stalling by playing a game diversion

‘If I get the next 10 scrunched up pieces of paper in the wastebin, I’ll get down and hit the books.’ Fast forward two hours… ‘Damn, I did it. I need a new excuse now.’


2. The impossible target

‘I just need to get 180 with these three darts and then I’ll definitely read up on General Custer’s Last Stand.’

3. The mini-reward

‘I’ll just watch the last 20 minutes of Murder She Wrote then I’ll crack on with my piece about Communist China.’

4. The suddenly conscientiousness

‘For seem reason I really feel the urge to clean the rabbit hutch instead of writing my essay on why crop rotation was an integral farming techinique.’

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5. The chores distraction

‘I’d better help around the house, even the hoovering and washing up is more appealing than doing a diagram of a watermill.’

6. The ‘this is useful’ I must watch

‘Oh look This Morning is having a feature on how to revise for exams until then I’ll just watch the exciting interview with Mr Motivator about his new book.’

7. The surprise interest

‘The dog needs walking does it? Even though I’ve never shown any interest in Rover’s exercise regime before, now it seems like an ideal alternative to the statistical analysis of imports and exports of Portugal.’

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8. The not missing the good weather

‘It’s too nice a day to be revising I’ll crack on when the weathers bad. Which it will be no doubt.’

9. The clutching at straws

‘I’ve got the wrong textbooks, I’ll have to wait until I get the right ones. (Did I leave them in my locker accidently on purpose!?)’

10. The saved by the bell

‘Someone at the door, oh it’s a DIY catalogue delivery. Suddenly reading all about the tungsten tip screw is fascinating…’

11. The peckish delay tactic

‘I’ll just make a nice cup of tea and a snack and then break the back of this article on coastal erosion.’

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12. The next song

‘I’ll just see what the next song on MTV is.  If it’s Aerosmith again, I’ll finish that piece about Sellafield nuclear power.’

13. The music procrastination

‘After I’ve finished my Michael Bolton/Kenny Thomas tape I will definitely make a list about what I need to revise for.’

14. The vain exercise

‘I’ll just put my hair in a plait first. Then paint my nails before I start my first chapter on the Iron age.’

15. The console alternative

‘One more level of Super Mario and I’ll blitz that chapter on cloud formations.’

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