Off to uni? Get ahead by checking out our useful tips from real students to help you through freshers' week and beyond...


1. Do a clean-up of your Facebook before you go

Make sure you get rid of any embarrassing status updates made when you were 14, so your new friends don’t see it.

2. Take a doorstop with you

This is really handy. It means you can leave your bedroom door open and people will feel comfortable about coming in to say hi.

3. Take the opportunity to get to know anyone and everyone

Freshers’ week is the one time when it’s acceptable to talk to whoever you encounter, so make the most of it.

Girl students socialising


 4. Milk the freshers’ fair

Get your hands on as many freebies as you can. And join lots of societies, even if you don’t end up going to most of them.

5. Don’t get too caught up in the north/south divide

This applies if you’re a Southern student at a Northern uni or vice versa.

6. Get acquainted with your student union

It’s the hub of uni life – and it’s the best place to find cheap drinks.

7. Make a good impression on the first night

Don’t overdo it by being that person who has to be carried home.

student passed out drunk


 8. Find out who your rival uni is

For example Sheffield v Hallam, Leeds v Leeds Beckett, so you can prepare your chants.

9. Try to get established as a good flatmate

Be considerate and don’t pinch other people’s food.

10. Stay away from ready-meals

They may seem cheaper but they aren’t. Instead, check out your local butcher’s shop and fruit stall and try to cook from scratch if you’re feeling brave.

Greengrocers shop


11. Sleep is important

You probably can’t do much about your bed but think about buying a really good pillow. Memory foam ones are very comfortable.

12. Freshers’ flu is inevitable

Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up on Berocca.

Sick student


13. Always buy own-brand vodka…

…and get used to it. Also, find somewhere that sells Old Rosie. It’s the most alcoholic cider!


Most importantly, have a great time!