Poor Old Madge. Her cape fail at last years Brit Awards will go down in history as one of the most epic celebrity falls ever. If only that cape had come undone a little easier Madonna wouldn't have been dragged down a flight of stairs in such spectacular fashion. We revisit some classic celebrity fallers who were left more than a little red faced when they took centre stage...


1. Naomi Campbell

Naomi_CampbellPossibly the most famous fall prior to Madonna’s, Naomi famously stacked it on a Paris runway for Vivienne Westwood way back in 1993. She was wearing a whopping 9-inch pair of platforms at the time. Ouch!


2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum fall

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Heidi Klum was injured back in 2008 when she was co-presenting the Emmy Awards with Tom Bergeron. During a previously unrehearsed skit she attempted to swoon into Tom’s arms only for him to promptly drop her. Hard.


3. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas fallJoe Jonas was the height of professionalism when he spectacularly tripped and fell on broken glass as the Jonas Brothers made their entrance to the 2007 American Music Awards. He carried on with the set in spite of a nasty looking cut to his hand


4. Jedward

Jedward fallPoor Edward Grimes broke his leg live on stage while performing at T4 On The Beach in 2010. At first his twin brother John had no idea how serious the injury was and proceeded to push him on as Edward hopped around the stage until they’d finished their set. What a trooper!


5. Olly Murs

Olly Murs fallSinger Olly Murs has been left red faced on more than one occasion. Back in 2012 he famously split his trousers on stage and had to continue with the aid of a towel to protect his modesty, but this epic fall while delivering the Stevie Wonder classic ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ is a real gem…


6. Michelle Heaton

Michelle Heaton fallMichelle Heaton made a surprise appearance during the final of Ireland’s The Apprentice in 2009. She was there to launch the new Ford Fiesta and during the unveiling she unintentionally fell flat on her face. Whoops!


7. Beyonce

Beyonce fallIn 2007 Beyonce drew gasps from the audience in Florida when she took a dramatic tumble head first down a flight of stairs during her rendition of Ring The Alarm. The song choice was more than a little ironic, but Queen Bee continued like a pro and even joked with the audience not to put the plunge on YouTube…they didn’t listen!


8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence fallPoor Jennifer Lawrence. Stages don’t come much bigger than that of the Oscars. And she found herself the talk of the 2013 Academy Awards when she famously stumbled up the stairs on route to collect her Best Actress award.


Jennifer Lawrence fallUnbelievably she managed to slip and almost face plant her best friend on the red carpet at the same event a year later! Funnily enough she was notably absent at this year’s awards… probably wise Jennifer!


Have you ever taken an embarrassing tumble in public? Let us know!