Forget actual sentences, or even acronyms. They are so last smartphone! Instead, it’s all about emojis. With as many as 1,851 emojis, they’re taking over the English language. But when you fire off those little yellow faces and quirky images, you might be surprised to discover some aren’t what they seem…




Your interpretation: New hairdo? What better way to show it off than with a sassy flick…

The real meaning: This emoji is actually a person at an information desk providing people with answers to their questions.



Your interpretation: An angry, evil ogre, or the Devil himself…

The real meaning: Poor fella is indeed an ogre, but he’s one of the good guys. Called Namahage, in Japanese folklore he’s said to ward off evil spirits from homes.



Your interpretation: Stressed, scared, worried – this guy will let your friends know you need some TLC.

The real meaning: Or, if they’re in the know, your mates might actually think you’re annoyed with them, or by something they did…



Your interpretation: Feeling triumphant? Well, don’t use this emoticon to shout about it!

The real meaning: This steaming emoji signals you’re frustrated, or in a huff!



Your interpretation: Feeling a bit dead to the world on a Monday morning, or confused and astonished?

The real meaning: Actually, this is for those feeling a wee bit dizzy.



Your interpretation: Used to convey awkwardness, nervousness, cringing, or excitement – or not, as the case may be…

The real meaning: Despite their seemingly tense expressions, this duo are grinning wildly, and grimacing. Who knew?!



Your interpretation: Feeling a bit tearful? Many think this emotji is having a good old blub.

The real meaning: in fact, this yellow fella is actually having some much-needed shut eye, and the ‘tear’ actually represents a snot bubble!



Your interpretation: Surprised? You will be when you find out what this emoji actually means…

The real meaning: This yellow face was created to represent being quiet and serious.



Your interpretation: Heaven only knows… Maybe it’s part of the song, ‘Heads shoulders knees and toes’?!

The real meaning: Believe it or not, this is the full-body version of OK! The equivalent of pressing by holding your index finger and thumb together.



Your interpretation: A romantic shooting star?

The real meaning: Nope. If you’re feeling dizzy and seeing stars, this is the emoji you need to alert people.



Your interpretation: Feeling a bit down in the dumps? If so, you may well have pinged this tearful emoji to your mates.

The real meaning: However, it actually means you’re disappointed, but relieved.



Your interpretation: Get your gladrags on, we’re gonna dance the night away… Or maybe you just want to let someone know they’re your bezzie, your partner in crime…

The real meaning: The Bunny Girl is a Japanese symbol associated with sex appeal, the bunny ears are used to show excitement and happiness.



Your interpretation: High five!

The real meaning: A symbol of gratitude in Japanese culture, the emoji was intended to be used for ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’


Speedy Fart

Your interpretation: Doh, did you just let one rip?!?

The real meaning: This is actually a Japanese cartoon symbol for someone, or something moving very quickly – be it a person or car.



Your interpretation: Confused and disorientated? Well using this emoticon won’t help clear things up.

The real meaning: It’s actually an artistic interpretation of a cyclone, tornado, or twister.



Your interpretation: The vibrations of thumping music?

The real meaning: This is the Japanese cartoon symbol for anger or aggression.


Bowing Man

Your interpretation: At the end of your tether? Or maybe sweating it out at the gym doing press ups?

The real meaning: In fact, this chap his good manners by bowing to someone superior. The so-called Japanese dogeza requires you to get on your knees and touch your forehead to the floor.



Your interpretation: Only kidding!

The real meaning: Yum, this grub is lip-lickingly good!


Have you misused any of these emojis? Or maybe there’s some we missed. Let us know in the comments below…