Those toe-curlingly embarrassing moments which make you squirm. You know the ones when you just want to crawl into a hole and die of shame!


1. Farting in public

Embarrassing moments


By accident of course, although we know some blokes who happily trump away! Accidentally letting rip in school assembly or anywhere you can’t quickly run away from is the worst. And it’s hard to blame someone else when you’re the colour of a beetroot!

2. Calling your teacher ‘Mum’

Embarrassing moments

Or your boss. Beyond mortifying!

3. Loo roll on your shoe

Embarrassing moments

You stroll confidently out the toilets, not noticing the trail of loo roll flapping behind you. It’s far worse when the loo roll is tucked in your knickers.

4. Tripping in pubic

Yep, I meant to do that!

5. Falling over in public

Embarrassing moments

You know, when you really stack it! You can’t pretend it didn’t happen – you’re on the floor! But you don’t know whether to laugh and pretend it didn’t hurt, or cry and ask for your mum!

6. Waving to a stranger thinking it’s your friend

Embarrassing moments

Made worse when they wave back. Awkward! Or, waving at someone you think is waving at you. Only then you notice their mate behind you. Great, now you look like a weirdo. What do you do?! Quickly pretend to be swatting a fly away!

7. When your skirt gets tucked into your knickers

Made far worse when it’s pointed out by a complete stranger.

8. The wind blowing up your skirt!

Embarrassing moments


There’s nothing worse than accidentally wearing a floaty skirt or dress on a blustery day. One swift gust and you’ve flashed your knickers to hundreds of strangers. Oops!

9. Dropping a tampon

You’re rifling though your handbag in the supermarket and out drops a tampon, which then rolls away. What do you do? Snatch it up quickly? Leave it and pretend it wasn’t you? Argh! Either way you have to make a quick decision.

 10. Forgetting someone’s name

Embarrassing moments

This can get incredibly embarrassing when you’ve worked with them for months. You share a tea round! How do you suddenly ask them their name? You can’t! So you stick to calling them ‘mate’, or ‘hun’.

11. Pen on your face

Embarrassing moments

Someone points out the blue biro on your chin. At 7pm. You haven’t picked up a pen since the morning. You’ve been walking around like that. All. Day. Thanks.

12. Caught short

Embarrassing moments

You get to the till only to find you’re short 50p. Or your bank card is inexplicably rejected and you have no alternative to pay. Eek.

13. The loo won’t flush

Embarrassing moments

You don’t go number 2 in public places as a rule. But sometimes you’ve just got to go. And when you do, the bloody loo won’t flush. And there’s a queue. Only one thing for it. RUN! But what do you do if you clog your mate’s toilet? Fess up? Or wait until they find out for themselves?!

14. Texting the wrong person

Embarrassing moments

You’re slagging off your mate in a text message for posting too many baby photos on Facebook. Then you accidentally send it to her. There is just no getting out of that one.

15. Replying all

embarrassing moments

After getting an office-wide email you write a really sarcy reply to a close colleague slagging off your boss. Once you’ve hit ‘send’ you hear gasps echoing around the office and realise you’d clicked ‘reply all’. Cringe.

16. Given up your seat

You think someone looks pregnant so you do the right thing and kindly offer them your seat. But it turns out they’re actually just a bit chubby. Oops. Even more mortifying if it happens the other way round and someone mistakes your pizza belly for a baby. Just smile, say thanks and sit down lovingly stroking your spare tyre – you can cry when you get home. Hey at least you got a seat!

17. Caught stalking

embarrassing moments

You’re stalking your new boyf’s ex on Facebook, and as you scroll you accidentally hit ‘like’ on one of their photos. From five years ago. Oh God. Even if you unlike, they’ll still get a notification and know what you’ve been up to. Not as bad as an accidental friend request. They make you look so creepy.

18. Walked in on

You’re in the toilet but there’s no lock, or you forget to use it. Then someone walks in just as you’re mid flow! Argh! SOMEONE’S IN HERE!

19. Nip-slip

You think you’re well contained. But something happens. You trip or pick something up, and boom, your boob pops out your top. Or you dive into a swimming pool and come up sans bikini top.

20. Tearing your trousers

embarrassing moments

Your skinny jeans are a little snug. Well, they’re supposed to be, right? Only you bend down to pick something up and riiiiip. Let’s hope someone has a jumper you can tie round your waist!

21. Flying low!

Embarassing moments

You come out the loo with your fly down, flashing your granny pants to the world!

22.  Awkward hellos

Embarrassing moments

You’re introduced to someone new. You stick your hand out for a nice formal handshake, just as they go in for a hug and a cheek kiss so you unintentionally grope their boob. Or you end up in a weird hand-holding kiss hug. Just bleugh.


Have you experienced any of these embarrassing moments?