Tripe, brawn, jellied eels… Do you love 'em or loathe 'em?


1. Jellied eels

Disgusting British foods: Image of jellied eels


Originally from London, they’re made by boiling chopped eels in water and spices to make a fish stock. As the stock cools, it turns to jelly.

Yuk rating: 9/10… Definitely an acquired taste!


2. Black pudding

Disgusting British foods: Image of black pudding


Made from a mixture of congealed pigs’ blood, lard and oatmeal, tradionally stuffed into a length of intestine, it’s most often sliced and fried as part of a ‘full English’ breakfast.

Yuk rating:  4/10… Looks horrible, but tastes good!


3. Tripe



The inside of a cow’s stomach, it’s always sold dressed and parboiled. It’s most often cooked with onions in a sauce made from the cooking liquid.

Yuk rating: 8/10… We just say no!


4. Laver bread



It might look like slimy, boiled spinach, but this Welsh delicacy is made from seaweed. Most often mixed with oatmeal and served as part of a traditional, fried Welsh breakfast.

Yuk rating:  6/10… Not as bad as you’d think!


5. Haggis

Disgusting British foods: Haggis


Made from sheep’s ‘pluck’ – the throat, lungs, liver and heart –  chopped up and mixed with oats, onions, suet and spices, and traditionally stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled in water for a few hours.

Yuk rating: 3/10… With a crumbly texture and a peppery, nutty flavour, we like it!


6. Brawn

Disgusting British foods: image of brawn


In the US, brawn is known as ‘head cheese’, because it’s made from all the bits of meat that can be salvaged from a pig’s head! Other parts of the animal – like trotters – are also used to help it set into a jelly.

Yuk rating: 9/10… Trotter jelly and chopped up head? We don’t think so!


7. Faggots



These large meatballs are made from pork offal – such as liver, lungs and spleen – fried and served with gravy or sauce.

Yuk rating: 3/10… They’re delicious!


Which traditional British foods do you hate most, or do you love some of these?