We’re not talking daredevil things that are only risky to the foolhardy participant – we’re on about activities that anyone can do, but that endanger others. Here are seven dangerous activities that can be a menace in the wrong hands...


1. Cycling

dangerous activities: cycling


In loads of cities, like London, why is it possible to just bowl up and hire a bike, without proof that you can even cycle safely? All you have to do is go to a docking station, pay and off you wobble! Which is what most people on them do… While at the same time heading straight for unsuspecting pedestrians trying to cross the road!


2. Segways

dangerous activities: segway


These two-wheeled, stand-on machines can reach speeds of 12mph. Presently, they can only be driven on private property or off-road in the UK. Many organisations offer Segway experiences on private assault courses or through the forest. But the machines are notoriously awkward to manoeuvre!

So if you go down to the woods today and a group of Segway users come towards you – dive into a bush for cover! Also note that they ARE allowed on the streets in 45 US states and many countries in Asia and across Europe.


3. Skateboards

dangerous activities: skateboarding


Gangs of youths pile up bricks and put wooden boards across them to make a ramp, then tear over them on their skateboards. The twists and tricks they try to perform don’t always come off, and sometimes the board will end up flying solo through the air… towards you! Warning: anyone can own one and skateboarders tend not to be too worried about risk, either to themselves or others…


4. Jet skis

dangerous activities: jet skis


We’ve all seen Simon Cowell in photos, speeding across the ocean on the back of a jet ski. He’s probably notched up a fair bit of experience by now. Not so other folk. Remember that, typically, these machines can go at 65mph, so it’s no wonder that you see couples clinging onto the out-of-control machines and each other, while veering uncontrollably towards families playing in the shallow waters! Not to mention the ear-bleeding noise the things make…


5. Narrowboats

dangerous activities: narrow boats


A barge could be 13ft 6in wide and 70ft long and yet it can be rented by Joe Public for a family break. And if that holiday involves a meander along the mainline of the Kennet and Avon canal, then you’ll be navigating this huge tug for 56 miles and getting to grips with 78 locks.

There are many safety tips for handling locks, one of them being: ‘Watch out for slippery surfaces when pushing gates open.’ There’s also 14 (yes, 14!) pubs you could encounter on the Kennet and Avon canal. So do watch out for those slippery surfaces afterwards! Oh, yes, and also try to avoid ploughing into other vessels, and anglers on the bank!


6. Skiing

dangerous activities: skiing


Anyone who’s ever watched You’ve Been Framed! knows how dangerous skiing is. Collisions are common – not surprising really! Tourists who hardly ever see snow, think it’ll be fun to strap planks to their feet and whizz downhill on the slippery stuff at speed! But, stopping quickly is tricky and, as the slopes are packed with other beginners who haven’t yet mastered side-stepping skills, pretty essential! All together now: ‘AVALANCHE!’


7. Sledging

dangerous activities: sledging


When the UK experiences a significant snowfall, everybody rushes out to purchase flimsy bits of plastic otherwise known as sledges. They then take to the top of hills, sit on the plastic pieces and catapult themselves downwards!

Others bring down old wooden ones from the loft, that may well have rotted over the years! Bumping into a neighbour takes on a whole new meaning as locals career into one another in nearby parks and fields!


Do you have any dangerous hobbies?