Funny, silly or downright naughty… Better be careful when asking for a beer in your local - the barmaid might just give you one (a sock in the chops, that is!).

(Warning: some of the language is as fruity as the beer!)


Sometimes ‘half a lager’ just won’t hack it – you need something funnier to tickle your tastebuds and quench your thirst. Here’s our top-20 favourite beer names – followed by a few pints we’ve brewed up ourselves, specially for 2015…


Old Leghumper (Thirsty Dog Brewing Co)

Ill Tempered Gnome (Oakshire Brewing)

Wobbly Bob (Phoenix Brewery)

My Wife’s Bitter (Burleigh Brewing Co)

Poop Deck (Rebellion)

Toothless Hooker (Wychwood)

Ale Mary (RCH Brewery)

Tactical Nuclear Penguin (BrewDog)

Panty Peeler (Midnight Sun Brewing Co)

Criminally Bad Elf (Ridgeway)

Nipple Mountain Nip (Pagosa Brewing Co)

Audrey Hopburn (Great Lakes Brewery)

Pheasant Plucker (Hunter’s Brewery)

Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Anti Imperialist Soviet Stout (Bartrams Brewery)

Ginger T*sser (Skinner’s)

Blithering Idiot (Weyerbacher)

Arrogant B*stard Ale (Stone Brewing)

Skaddly Pluck (Caffle)

Top Totty (Slaters)

Fred (Hair of the Dog)


Plus 4 new beer names of our own…

Selfie Sticky Gold

Beer names: couple using selfie stick


As the name suggests, this has a nutty, chewy taste – but we reckon it’s one of those gimmicky ales that’ll be gone by next year. Still, it’s nice and clear – hold it up to the light and you can see your face in it…

Zayn Ale

Beer: girl crying over Zayn Malik wax work

PA Photos

Popular with the laydees. But, sorry, love, this one’s off…

Election Bitter

Beer: politician begging for votes


Very very bitter. This beer holds a lot of promise – until 8 May 2015, when it suddenly goes flat. Mind you, it’s a pint that goes on and on and on…

Bonny Princess Charlie 

Beer: baby wearing crown


A commemorative brew named after the new royal littl’un… Time to wet the baby’s head!


What’s the daftest beer name you’ve found. Tell us in the comment box…