Nothing sells products like cute kids. So advertisers are constantly filling our screens with the most-adorable littl’uns. Join us in going gooey over this lot!


1. Birds Eye Peas

Back in 1973, a sweet 4-year-old girl called Patsy Kensit (yes, the popstar/actress who married Liam Gallagher!) did a little pop sound-effect with her cheek, making us all want to give peas a chance (sorry)!

2. Cow & Gate

This lovely bunch are happy and they know it, and they really know how to show it, and have been doing so almost daily on our telly lately! They must really enjoy that follow-on milk…

3. Fudge

This little lad was lured away from his conker game in 1985 with this tempting choccie treat. And parents were encouraged to believe, ‘A finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat’. It was even a song… Clever marketing!

4. SMA

This ad from last year wanted to convince mums and dads they were doing just fine in their new roles as parents. We just relished the chance to see so many adorable babes!

5. Huggies

This lot had so much to be nappy about in 1994, and they knew how to prove it to us. Probably had a lot to do with the fact the stay-dry system made them feel nice and comfy, not damp and grumpy.

6. Peaudouce

Sticking with the joy a dry nappy can bring is this little girl showing off her dance moves in the 80s. She has no worries about restricting her routine, as she’s uber confident about the protection Peaudouce is providing her with!

7. Calpol

These children have all got different ailments. But, as you can see here, that hasn’t stopped them being very naughty. Probably because Calpol has helped them all get better!

8. Evian

Water lotta fun this lot are having on rollerskates. Just goes to show how powerful H2O can be, especially when teamed with a banging retro rapping tune! In 2009, this lot were wheely up for it, and the ad became a YouTube sensation.

9. Milky Bar

Finally, we go the furthest back to celebrate the sharp-shooting Milky Bar kid. He first said, ‘The Milky Bars are on me!’ in 1961. The kid came in many guises over the years and you can see a selection of ads featuring the generous spectacle-wearer here…


What ads are your favourites? Let us know below…