From a two-legged Chihuahua to a ninja kitten – if you like your animals cute, you've just got to see these heart-warming animal videos.


So, it’s ridiculously cute animals you want, is it?! Well, click and prepare to go a little bit silly…


1. The Chihuahua on wheels

Turbo-Roo - Cute Two-Legged Chihuahua Given Wheels To Move Independently

Life can be tough when you’re a tiny Chihuahua and you’ve been born without your front legs. But never fear, help is at hand in the shape of a custom-made set of wheels – ain’t no stopping TurboRoo now! Why not take a look at our video of TurboRoo in action?


2. The 22in horse

Tiny Horse - Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

Another little fella with a big heart is Acer the miniature horse. In fact, he’s so small, he thinks of himself as more dog than horse. Maybe he should take up horse racing – he’d be sure to Winalot! Want more? Watch Acer the 22in horse and his unlikely best friend having fun on the farm.


3. The dogs who tied the knot

Newly-Wed Dogs Go On Their Honeymoon

Like most brides, Lola the Yorkie wanted only the best for her wedding day. So when she and Mugly the Chinese crested dog got hitched, a whopping £20,000 was spent to ensure the day went without any, er, hitches. Catch up with the cute couple and watch our video of Lola and Mugly on honeymoon!


4. The piglet who’s pals with a pit bull

Cute Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier Rescue Dog

Lola and Mugly aren’t the only unlikely mates. Kindred spirits Pigalina and Levi make an odd couple, but as this video shows, the pair are thick as thieves. Snout wrong with that! You’ve got to see this video of the adorable piglet and pit bull to believe it…


5. The cheetah-kissing mutt

Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

Another super-cute but super-curious couple for you here. Jack Russell Cleo likes nothing better than showing her affection to a cheetah! But where you might have expected big cat Eden to give super-keen Cleo a nip for her trouble, the pair are actually BFFs… Why not check out this video of our favourite dog kissing a cheetah?


6. The nosey penguins

Perfect Penguins of the South Atlantic

If you set up a camera in the middle of hundreds of penguins, you might expect them to leg it – or waddle it, we should say! But not a bit of it, as this video capturing the cute antics of King Emperor penguins in the South Pacific proves… Watch the p-p-p-perfect penguin video to see them in action!


7. The ninja kitten

Dog Vs Cat - Cute 'Ninja' Kitten Shows Doberman Who's Boss

We’ve seen videos of unlikely animal friendships, but it should come as no surprise that not all animals want to play ball. Watch as super-cute Sophie the kitten tries to grab the attention of dozy doberman Bishop – and gets short shrift! No wonder Sophie had to pull out all the stops and resort to some pretty tasty martial arts in a bid to get a game going. Now see the ninja kitten showing the dog who’s boss!


8. The raccoon in a bit of a fix

Cute Raccoon Freed From Drain Using Angle Grinder

When wildlife meets urban life things can sometimes go awry – and that was certainly the case for this intrepid raccoon, who got his head caught in a drain cover. The cute critter would have been a goner were it not for the rescue services who worked hard to free him. Watch the dramatic raccoon rescue – it’s guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!


9. The meerkats on lookout

Cute Meerkats Use Photographer As A Lookout Post

We all know that meerkats are smart cookies – well, they must’ve made a mint flogging insurance so they can’t be that stupid! So we shouldn’t be surprised that in this video they show their cunning by using whatever’s at their disposal to keep an eye out for predators. Find out what happens when meerkats meet man in this AMAZING video.


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